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Can't use Velkoz's ultimate

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Junior Member


After I activated my ult within a half second of dying, I was not able to use Velkoz's ult for the rest of the game.

I tried to click-activate by using the mouse, and also rebound the ultimate key to various other keys than 'R'

Game: ARAM
Map: Howling Abyss
Killed By: Xin Xiao

My killer was Xin Xiao, I am not sure if he used his Q,E, or R in the process, but it might be a contributing factor. I may have also, at the time, had a Morgana sheild (E) from an ally.

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Annie UOK

Junior Member


I second this, can someone please look into this?

Just finished an embarrassing game with vel koz on summoners rift. I used my ultimate less than a second before dying and then couldn't ult for the rest of the game. I don't think it has anything to do with your killer, because xin xiao wasnt in that game. It was jinx, blitzcrank, warwick , azir, and lux.