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Seriously RIOT?

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So yeah i got into this game and all of the sudden it "crashed" while in the loading screen, I PRESSED RECONNECT AND THEN THE GAME WOULDNT LET ME RECONNECT, I opened the launcher again since it freaking closed and the only thing left was the league icon there, just floating with no error messages or anything, and it just sent me to the main menu, IT GAVE ME THE OPTION TO LOOK FOR A GAME SO I DID, while in champ select the LEAGUE ICON DISAPPERS and my CHAMP SELECT screen turns into "Game in progress..." screen AND NO RECCONECT BUTTON, WTF RIOT? I LOST ABOUT 40 LP TODAY DUE TO BUGS! PLEASE FIX THE GAME. Seriously you guys should look into these stupid bugs, its extremely aggravating. I was literally ONE game away from promos but this **** happened. PLEASE FIX THE GAME (LAG SUCKS TOO >.&lt HOPEFULLY YOU FIX THIS SOON. THANKS RIOT (If you guys even read these things!)

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Please contain your anger. I understand you frustration, and you're more than right to be upset; but understand that you can still attempt to do something about it in the mean time.

Send in a Support Ticket in the Technical > Game Crashes section explaining your situation and it's possible that they will could reprise you for your LP losses and return it and/or help you in fixing your Client problems.

Support: https://support.leagueoflegends.com/anonymous_requests/new

This specific problem is fairly common, though I personally have never heard of it displaying the Reconnect Screen with no button.

To me, that sounds like the game was loaded on your computer in a kernal application, but it wasn't visible on your taskbar. The next time this happens, open up your Task Manager and look for "PvP.NET Patch Kernal" applications running and end their processes. One of them will surely be the client itself, another will likely be the in-game application.