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Champ select Freezing

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So i was in ranked queue and i found a game, while in champ select the timer ran out and the windows froze, however i could still type messages, this happened before i got to pick my champ. I got queue dodge due to that, i waited the 5 minutes and joined another game and the same thing happened. I got a 30 minute ban and lost 13 LP all together. Anyone know how to fix this issue? its frustrating losing LP and getting queue dodge time bans because of an in-game bug like this! Thanks in advance

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I've experienced this a few times recently this week, and to my knowledge there's nothing you can do about it.

It seems to happen quite randomly, but I suspect it's a connection related issue. Possibly from internet speeds dropping, and the connection seizing entirely even if the speeds raise shortly after.

Feels like it would be something related to server authentication - perhaps something to do with a different network service for live games that it's not communicating effectively to between the point that it determines you're not AFK from clicking Accept and the time it starts the timer in Champion Select for your team.

Also, smart idea dodging those games. The times that it happened to me I wasn't able to.