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3rd Party Skin Site Fraud Update

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First of all i am sorry to ask and i completely understand if this is not doable. What i was wondering is if i could still redeem one skin code on account of having received it from a friendly fellow summoner on /r/leagueoflegends with only 5 minutes to cash it in before it became invalid. Given my luck i was in a game of league of legends when i got the code, only to not have time to retrieve it once the game ended due to its invalidity. And so here i sit, a humble fan with a photo of a skin code, asking for more than i deserve. I understand that i shouldnt be asking for such privileges and that even if i do they wont be granted to me. I just wanted to atleast share my tragic story... Odds are you might not even see this post, but if you do, much love to all of riot, you are all brilliant, keep up the amazing work. <3 xoxo

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@Keima Katsuragi, since this is a 3rd party transaction you're best bet is to request a refund from AceSkins for the item. If they refuse to offer you a refund, you can challenge the payment with your payment processor.

Sorry we can't be more help, but since this took place through a 3rd party service, we don't control the payment/refund process.

Awww.... I was holding onto a riot graves skin code card from pax prime 2012. I was planning on selling it on ebay if there ever came a time that i needed the money.

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That would suck if codes getting removed.

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i was thinking on buying a skin code on ebay but it will expire tomorrow so If I sent you a photo could I redeem it then?? (it wont arrive by tomorrow)

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"Getting scammed sucks. Unfortunately the internet is full of shady people who take advantage of others."

kind of like how everyone has wasted time on ranked games today only to realize your client is trash and doesn't account for any of it? i'd say that's getting scammed when people spend money on this game and get zero acknowledgement that this even happened, despite your own web page showing the games occurred. shady af, riot. do your jobs just like the rest of us are expected to.