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If DoTA2 is better than LoL in every way, why is LoL more popular?

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Imagine the toxicity of the League community as a number.

Now multiply that by graham's number, a number so large that it cannot be expressed, as even if each digit were the size of an atom, there wouldn't be enough space in the universe to write it.

Now you have the relative toxicity of the DoTA2 community.

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LoL has more clarity, champions and is more noob friendly.

Not recently. Some players are still left confused about certain aspects of the game that the tutorial doesn't cover.

Infinite Crisis' September update gave the game a complete tutorial and is a lot clearer on game mechanics than League's tutorial. They even have a relatively small 1v1 map to practice against a bot (which League still has yet to implement...Howling Abyss is mainly for 5v5 so it's a little big for a 1v1 by itself). On top of that, they give you a free champion for each section of the tutorial you finish (the tutorial is in three parts), plus another three if you play all of the bot maps (1v1, Dominion, and Classic). Six free champions in total you get to have just by learning how the game works.

So what does League of Legends offer for learning the game? Nothing but account XP and in-game currency.

Did I mention Infinite Crisis also has achievements that grant you Merit (IC's influence)? Some even grant you free Crisis Coins (paid currency, that game's version of RP).

Use thornmail and drow kills herself every time.

Thornmail as it is now is almost completely unreliable in damage return. If Traxex has a Devastator and/or Helm of the Dominator, Thornmail's just a waste of gold.

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Diamond Song

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lol can be played on wooden pc's

lol can be played by a chimp and reach diamond, that easy of a game.

lol has been out longer.

lol has its share of bots.

people are also used to lol, have played it longer and spent money, they have moved on to other games like dota 2, but will still play lol from time to time, dota 2 has more players then you probably think, and the reason twitch.tv always has more streamers most times, is because dota 2 has an amazing spectator system, you can filter by a persons name, a hero, game modes, etc.

the real question is if riot ruined their own game over e sports, why did TI4 have the biggest prize pool in E sports history? 10 million btw.