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[Guide] - Tips for Ranked solo Q

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Nurse Josh

Senior Member


First things first... Aggrender = agressive + tender, both important for ranked game victory.

This mini guide includes some good tips on how to be a good solo ranked player. I have around 800 ranked games played and usually am above 1500 in solo Q incase anyone is wondering. Feel free to add more tips to this thread....and any input from high rated players would be very much appreciated.

These tips are my opinion from my experience thus far in ranked Solo Q play, they are not in order of importance:

1. Have a number of champions in various roles that you are good at. Personally, i like ashe for ranged AD, morgana for support, mord/rammus for tankish, vlad for AP, and malphite if i have to jungle.

2. If you are top pick in a game say to yourself: "ok, 9/10 people in this game are prob. worse than me so i can dominate". This is where i almost always play a ranged AD carry that i am good at.

3. If you are last pick in a game, try and fill the role that is most needed by your team, and counters the enemy team (if possible). For example, if you dont have a jungler or a tank on your team and you can jungle shen well, you just inreased your chances of winning significantly.

4. At mid elo i find the best teams consist of 2 strong solo's (1 ap 1 ad), a strong jungle, 1 hard tank (rammus/shen/malphite), and 1 offtank/suppport (gragas/mord/etc.). Support champions at the moment seem somewhat underpowered, (zilean, morgana, janna, taric,etc.), however they can work wonders in the right hands.

5. Only good shaco's are good. I am not a shaco expert by any means, however, that being said, unless you are very good at shaco (ganking always and working towards an early dragon etc.), i find shaco is underpowered in his current state and not many people can play him well enough to compensate (at my elo anyway, but i watch high elo streams often and dont see many amazing shaco's that carry teams or anything spectacular aside from reginald occasionally).

6. There are a number of champions that increase your chances of winning significantly if someone plays them well, from my experience.

Tank: Shen, amumu, rammus, malphite, cho'gath, mordekaiser

R AD: Corki, Ashe, Tristana....(i dont see sivir doing well ever at my elo)

AD: Xin, pantheon

AP: Vladamir, Anivia, karthus, heimer, kennen, kassadin

Support: morgana, zilean

*these are just champions that i see carrying the hardest and winning games the most often seemingly by themselves, at my elo*

7. Baron river, and dragon river should be warded throughout the entire game. If your do this your chances of winning increase significantly. Often you will have bad players on your team, you have to buy wards if they dont.

8. boots - Merc treds are the best boots when in doubt, zerker greeves are good occasionally on safer carries like tristana, boots of swiftness are only really good on ashe and a few others, boots of mobility are only really good on gankers and alistar, cooldown boots are only really good on support (when merc treds arent a better choice), and dodge boots are almost never good. There are infinite exceptions and possibilities here..please do not point them out, this is just trying to give the jist of things.

9. Always be there for your team if possible during a team fight.

10. Always have map awareness and call mia's. Keeping rivers warded and always looking at your mini map helps with this....alot.

11. During laning phase, only last hit, pushing is the exception to the rule. If you push your lane you:

1. decrease the chances of getting a kill since they will tower hug
2. increase your chances of getting ganked
3. decrease your juglers ability to gank.

You can push when:

You have the river warded, you are dominating and want to deny xp/gold, you force someone out of the lane and want to deny more xp, or when you want to back to base.

12. Last hitting is more important than ANYTHING, early game. Harassing is ok, if you have a good matchup, but dont harass at the cost of last hits unless you are going for a kill.

13. Do not harass so much that you cause someone to freak out and Base, unless that is your intention. If your intention is to kill them, get them to 50% or so, and then coordinate burst with your partner if possible, to land a kill.

14. Always roll with your advantage. Never let up your pressure if you are winning. Constantly push lanes with your team and move between the enemy jungle, stealing their buffs, and harassing their towers. Eventually you will win.

15. Be nice to people, if you are first pick in a game, make a good impression and offer to pick shen / vlad / pantheon, for example, for someone, if you are not planning to play a bann pick champion.

16. Learn the abilities of every champion in the game and their aproxamite cooldowns. I cant stress this enough, this will let you know when it is safe to harass, and when you just cant get involved in a situation. This is one of the most important aspects to playing a good ranged AD carry.

17. Realize which solo on the enemy team is doin the best - if possible, buy items to counter them. ie. pink wards for stealth champions, merc treds and a banshee's veil for that 4-1 anivia, etc.

18. If you have someone who is doing well and almost never dying, have them buy an oracle mid-late game, they will often get most of the money back just from destroying wards, significantly decreasing the enemy teams map awareness, and allowing you to catch the enemy team "by suprise", often for the win.

19. First blood dosent really matter - some people get down on themselves if their team feeds first blood, the team demoralization and intimidation is 100x more important than the 100g extra it provides. So if someone on your team gives up first blood, tell them its ok. If you get first blood.... /all wow gg... .

20. Expect to lose sometimes. Be mentally prepared to play your best but dont get down on yourself when you lose. Often it can be due to your teammates, if you think you contributed to the problem, reflect on your mistakes and figure out how you can do better next time!


Thats all i can really think of right now....maybe add more later if people like? Let me know. I am doing this to help, and this is just my opinion so im not looking for arguments, but input is welcome from everyone.


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Senior Member


Nice guide. I do enjoy reading them. Currently stuck at 1500 myself. I'm great with champs I know. Def. Need to broaden my experience with different roles and champions.

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Nurse Josh

Senior Member


thanks for the reply! took me 30mins or so to write this up, im glad someone found some value in it! .

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Pretty much everything here I already knew at some level, but definitely need to consciously think about. It's always helpful to be reminded of the basics, because if you forget them everything falls apart.

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Senior Member


It helps me to re-read this stuff and get it stuck in my brain.

I really wish there were some "how to play" repository somewhere, possible broken down by what you should know/what you should be doing at different elo milestones. I spent some time in elo hell, which in retrospect was actually because I was terrible, and have only recently been regaining that ground; I want to be a better player as well as help my teammates become better players, too.

(I have noticed that the last few ranked games that I was first pick we have won, which has been a morale boost)