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[Guide] - Poppy "The Midget Linebacker" (Hybrid)

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The Pork Meister:
If Devastating Blow deals magic damage, doesn't that make Armor Pen worthless, too? Unless you're going to auto-attack, but that's not the case here right? In any case, Magic Pen for Dev Blow is a whole lot better than both of the runes mentioned.

You missed the point. In all cases where critical damage runes are useful, armor pen is more useful. He then pointed out that neither was useful for magic damage, which you just re-iterated.

*edit* Oops, I just corrected a months-old post. It's what happens when people bump old threads. :\

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Senior Member


i think poppy is good by taking on tanks i mean even though damged is capped for devestating blow it does not mean its the same for crit which is why i get phantom dancer and infinity edge but the things is i need speed thats it