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Using a Mac MAGIC MOUSE to play LoL

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My name's Natalie, I'm a photographer and graphic designer, so I mostly used my mac for work. Then I started playing league.

I just wanted to ask if anyone uses the magic mouse that comes with Macs to play LoL. I used the magic mouse for about a YEAR or longer, But after about a year or so, my hand started hurting very bad. My friend told me that I shouldn't be using the magic mouse because it's bad posture. Looking back now I can't believe I didn't realize this on my own. As a result I've had tendonitis in my hand as well as signs of carpal-tunnel (never used wrist rests either -_- *facepalm*) I hope no one else is using a magic mouse to play.(most people would know not to, I'm sure) I just didn't think using a bad mouse would have that quick and bad of an effect, lesson learned.

I haven't used my magic mouse ever again since I bought a much more appropriate mouse. The magic mouse is a terrible design imo

Also if anyone has advice about streaming on a Mac to twitch, my stream is


I use a friend's PC atm but would like to get it set up on my Mac (I have it set up with FMLE but can only stream to Justin.tv)

I'm glad there is a Mac forum section so I can maybe avoid the hundreds of "answer: don't use a mac" lol

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Yes, the magic mouse is very pretty but not very ergonomic; I think because it's so low and flat. I use it as my general mouse (with wrist-rest) but I try to avoid gaming on it.