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Training Mission: Nocturne's Night

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Sly Effective



A Tutorial Set on the beautiful Summoner's Rift.

Choose a lane and champ, Ala teambuilder

Enemy team is one/two laner/s you choose and four/three Nocturnes. Program the nocturne AI to be afraid of wards.

A nocturne is added to the game every 5 minutes (up to max team size)

Nocturnes do not push lanes, lanes other than your chosen lane spawn no minions. Nocturnes each camp a different quadrant of the jungle, starting with your enemy laner, and ending in the closest jungle to your lane.

If you ever have no wards on the map, All nocturnes will ult you, and dance on your corpse. Enemy Laner will ward as well, So make any swept wards worth 500 gold a piece in this mode. If a nocturne gets caught by farsight orb, he is stunned. This will encourage new players to learn all kinds of vision mechanics, and offer a place to practice CS as well.

Cap game time at 30 minutes and award MORE IP than normals... but with diminishing returns each time you complete the tutorial. Example: First win, 400 IP, Second win 350 IP, Third win, 300 IP.... etc. Down to like 100 IP a clear. This will make sure everyone plays it at least once, maybe a few times, just for the IP.