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Huge Disconnect & no Loss Prevented

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We had 7 people total disconnect from the game server at 1:31 on 6/29/14, with 1 person never reconnecting. The entire flow of the match was disrupted as this was just as minions were arriving to lane. It completely ruined the game for my team as we had 4 disconnects to their 3, along with 1 never reconnecting. I reconnected to bot lane where the enemy adc was already up by over 45 farm, and my support never returned, making it a nearly impossible lane.

How/why in the hell was there no Loss Prevention. 7 disconnects at the same time is absurd.

This was a ranked match btw.

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/I have experienced a similar situation on 9/29/14 . I was in a ranked game disconnected in the load screen and again 1 min after reconnecting. I did not receive an official disconnect and there was no option to reconnect the timer continued to track as well as my cds and my champion reacted to my mouse clicks as in he said his lines after a few clicks while the champion itself did not move. This happened 4 times and each reconnect was only for around 10 seconds up to a minute. After one time disconnecting in mid lane I reconnected and I was in bot lane between the two turrets. I am not sure if I will get a loss prevented but this is ridiculous and should be noted.