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Loseing points when some one leaves game

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Junior Member


So i recently started playing ranked, went 7-3 in my promos got silver 1, on my 12th game i had a nasus dc start of game, we obv got stomp and lost 20mins in, and i still lost points? why? why do i lose points if the game is 4v5 from the start, why the hell do i not get a loss forgiven? this breaks the ranking system, so what if im trying for my gold 5 and i get a dc start of game and lose, am i gonna get demoted cause of a 4v5? cause if so im not going to bother with this game. please fix your loss forgiven system, the person who leaves/ disconects should gain a loss, and the rest of the players on the team should get a loss forgiven.

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The Lexer

Senior Member


ok before everybody starts complaining about "You can cheat with duo partner blah blah blah".
Let me make clear that Riot should technically be able to tell who is duoing, right?