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Increasing the level cap (2 ideas) and runes.

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Death Enforcer

Junior Member


I tried to post this on reddit but with no success. I guess the people on there haven't been level 30 for almost two years. Anyway, here's basically the ideas.

First one is basically to reset your level for 10k IP, pretty much like Prestiges. Don't really need to explain this one.

Secondly; There are millions of people level 30 already, complaining how they're just stacking up IP because they have been playing for years. With increasing the level cap, lets envision all the windows that open with this being put through. More levels, more incentive to play the game, level restricted chat rooms, enables higher level 40s+ to have their own chat room. Of course level 50s can join level 10s and what not. Basically the max level is 50, and once 50 you can go to 50^(1-10). It's not resetting them back down to level one, it's just level 60 but a hell of a lot longer to level up then normal levels. Called Legend levels. Basically could take around 200 games just to level up the first Legend level. I think it's genius. Maybe I'm too much of an envisionist and not more of a realist.

You can even give away cool summoner icons depending on levels reached. Or an icon received for reaching 2k games played. Giving us summoner icons for levels reached and games play will reward the people that DON'T want to play SoloQ. Like, I don't know if Riot follows up on a lot of player request, I do some that come to mind like name change for IP. But I REALLY do not see what's wrong with this.

All kidding aside, I KNOW Riot is working on a new client. If I know my Riot that is. I'm not going to complain to you how bad your client sucks because you guys are already aware of that. So what's the point? Maybe something like this can be implemented in the new client?

Here's my crappy attempt at it: http://i.imgur.com/ZkvQmzf.png (http://
Crappy Attempt

In addition, please make tier 1 and 2 runes cost 10-20 IP a piece.

As MOST of us are aware, leveling a new account SUCKSSS!!! with ALL these champions to buy, all these skins to buy, summoner icons, runes, boost, bundles. Riot... We can't afford it... Sure you got those people out there that buy everything with IRL $$$. But I still prefer my Monopoly money.

**TL;DR Increase level cap and decrease tier 1+2 rune cost, a lot more.**