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Make original icons unique to season 1/beta, season 2, and so on

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Max Moody



I've noticed a lack of icons compared to many of the other fleshed out aspects of LoL.

I'd like to see more personalized unique icons and have an Idea to get this started. Let's make the original set of icons unique to the LoL seasons and beta. However many of them there are now, divide them up per season, ie 5 for season one, 5 for two, and so on. You get the set for the season your started in and the ones after. From here on out there is a unique set of icons for every season.

This would be a great way to show your play 'history' in lol and give a little bit of uniqueness to the icons.

P.S. if implemented, please make my "bear paw" icon unique to season one.

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Junior Member


good idea