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Rewards for ranking up in Divisions beneficial?

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LeBraum R James

Junior Member


I feel that it takes way, way, WAY too much time and effort to rank up in Tiers. This is why A LOT of players stop ranking/playing once they hit Silver 5, Gold 5, Platinum 5, or Diamond 5 because there's really no incentive to continue forward (i.g.: you'll see like 80 people in these Divisions). This is actually really detrimental to Riot because it severely cuts the number of hours played -- due to players only playing 1 game to keep them from decaying or just playing a completely different game because it's way too tedious -- which in turn, means Riot loses money.

I feel if Riot could implement a better reward system to help distinguish the different Divisions in each Tier, it will help to promote more game play. I mean to be honest, ranking up in Divisions is no easy task. You have to win 4-5 games STRAIGHT, and then win 2/3 games in promos just to be promoted to the next Division. That's A LOT of work, but if you add incentives in the form of better rewards, people will have more motivation to continue forward.

I think a really good example of a reward would be for Riot to add different border styles to each Division during in-game loading times. For example: Gold 5 would just have a plain gold border, Gold 4 would have a plain gold border and a ribbon, Gold 3 would have a plain Gold border and a crystal, etc., etc.

Just some food for thought.