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[Guide]Poppy the pmsing charger

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Lelouch Zero



OK ive been having tons of success with my build for poppy so i decided to make a guide for you guys.

P.S. sorry for spelling. also i encourage people to reply in this thread and give me feedback id love to know what you think of my guide and if i can how to improve it.

Before i get into this guide im going to make one thing very clear. POPPY IS NOT A TANK! ok. moving on.

Valiant Fighter - Any damage dealt to Poppy that exceeds 10% of her current health is reduced by 50%. This does not reduce damage from structures.

a great passive, helps you survive.

Devastating Blow
Poppy crushes her opponent, dealing attack damage (+0.6) plus 20/60/100/140/180 and 8% of her target's maximum health in bonus damage. The bonus damage dealt cannot exceed 75/150/225/300/375.

This is your main spell is it simply amazing when built right u can take out 1/3 of teemos life (as an example)

Paragon of Demacia
Passive: Upon being hit or attacking an enemy, Poppy's armor and damage are increased by 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5 for 5 seconds. This effect can stack 10 times.

Active: Poppy gains max stacks of Paragon of Demacia and her movement speed is increased by 17/19/21/23/25% for 5 seconds.

a good skill. im still experimenting with it but its nice.

Heroic Charge
Poppy charges at an enemy and carries them for a short distance. The initial impact deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.4) magic damage. If they collide with terrain, her target takes 75/125/175/225/275 (+0.4) magic damage and will be stunned for 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5 seconds

yet another amazing spell. it can be used to close a distance or with the right amount of positioning you can stun someone and do more damage.

Diplomatic Immunity
For 6/6/6 seconds, Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target.
In addition, Poppy's attacks deal 20/30/40% increased damage to the marked target.

this ultimate i like but at the same time i feel it is a weaker version of tryndameres ult. sure you do 20+ percent more dmg to ur target but it wont be often that ur putting it on who u want dead.

Skill order:
this is what ive been using so far.
level 1: heroic charge
level 2: devastating blow
level 3: devastating blow
level 4: Paragon of Demacia
level 5: Devastating blow
level 6: diplomatic immunity
level 7: devastating blow

i show you the first 7 levels because they are the most important.
at this point max devastating blow asap. then max paragon of demencia lastly max heroic charge.

until you get trinity force and your boots poppy is slow and paragon of demencia is very helpful for the speed boost for running away and catching up.

heroic charge is mainly used to catch up to champions or stun them. the damage isnt that good unless you can stun them where as demencia can up your devastating blow damage because of it increasing your damage.

one point into your ultimate is enough i wouldnt put anymore into it.

the main use for your ultimate is the 6 seconds of immunity to everyone but ur chosen target, and since upping the skill wont up the duration its best left at level 1.

Summoner abilities:

I use flash and exhaust or teleport

flash and exhaust are used because they help set up for heroic charge, once you start facing good people you will realize they dont let you set up for the heroic charge, but with exhaust and flash you can set up for it.

a nice trick ive used is when there near your tower run at them flash behind them and heroic charge them into ur tower or near it.

you can use other summoner abilities but this is what ive used.

well we arent a tank so no points into defensive.
im level 27 now so i will just tell you my current build.

Poppy benefits from spells and damage so im very heavy in the offensive tree.

Offensive tree:
3/3 deadliness
1/1 cripple
3/3 archmages savy
4/4 sorcery
3/3 sunder
1/1 archaic knowledge
3/3 brute force
3/3 lethality
1/1 havoc

Utility tree:
1/1 perseverence

if you go teleport i reccomend taking one out of cripple and putting it in there because flash is better then exhaust if you compare the 2.


this is a hard choice.

Marks: Attack speed or armor pen
Glyphs: either cooldown reduction or mana per 5 (per level)
Seals: either health per 5 (per level) or health here
Quintessence: i go with mana per 5 (per level)
mana is important because it lets you use your skills.

Now for the good part.
the first thing i want to say. the reccomended items are ****. besides the boots maybe.

Main item build.
Trinity force
these 2 items right here are your core.
next is boots

trinity force gives u everything you want.
sheens ability but stronger, slow chance on hit for chasing, faster move speed attack speed and crit. etc.

bloodthirster gives you the damage you need and lifesteal.

Item order
start Dorans shield and a health pot
1: boots
2: saphire (sheen)
3: Sheen if not completed
4: complete boots (berserker greaves or ninja tabi)
5: bf sword
6: bloodthirster
7: phage
8: trinity force

:Note: i do not take boots of swiftness because once trinity force is completed you move plenty fast.
:note: i do not take mercury treads because i feel they arent as good for poppy since your already okay at surviving.

the rest of your items should be based on how the game is going.

are they melee heavy? get defense
are they caster heavy? get force of nature
disable heavy? get banshees viel

if everythings fine then get more damage so you can get the most out of your sheens effect.


Im throwing this section together as i play and realize more things so ill break it down into sections.

Attack order (after sheen)
Heroic charge -> hit -> paragon of demencia -> hit -> devastating blow -> hit
I say this order because paragon of demencia ups your damage so it will increase your devastating blows damage.

:Tower defense:
If someone is feeling cocky and comes near your tower try running at them and when your in position flash behind them and heroic charge them into the towers range.

after you do this 3 situations can occur.
Situation 1: you charge them into the tower and they get stunned.
if this happens you want to paragon of demencia-> hit-> devastating blow-> hit. if you think they can get away exhaust them as well otherwise kill them without it.

Situation 2: you charge them to the tower and do not stun them. but the tower is hitting them. exhaust them right away then paragon -> hit - > devastating blow -> hit. if they are close to death which they should be kill them.

Siatuation 3: you charge them to the tower and dont stun them. but they do not get attacked by your tower. dont waste exhaust at this point just damage them and stay safe.

: Devastating blow:

: Paragon of Demencia:
Some people say that you should go attack speed to get the most out of this skill so you can get to max stacks faster... But you can just use its active and get max stacks so i feel attack speed stacking isnt as important.

:Heroic Charge:
Remember your heroic charge carrys the person with you. be careful not to heroic charge them out of a gank.

Always try to heroic charge them either into a wall or back to your allies. (using flash to get around them quick is a great strategy here)

:Great laning partners:
this is a section from my personal experience as well.

Alistar: Amazing combination here. he heals you so you can be more offensive and he can also knock them into the air get around them and smash them back to you who can then charge them into a wall. ive had tons of success with this combo.

Blitzcrank: Obviously his being able to grab them to you then you charge them into the wall is a great combo as well.

Besides the above mentioned any stunners or slowers or even healers are great laning partners.

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Lelouch Zero



updated some stuff. feel free to comment on the build.
i just went 21-5-6 with this build.

hoping to make it into the guides section.

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Seems like an interesting build im going to have to try it out.
I've only played 2 games with some good success running this
23 pts offensive mastery the rest utility
health quints, health per lvl seals, ability cooldown per lvl glyphs, and crit marks
item build has been
Dorans blade
boot of swiftness
last whisper
phantom dancer

havent played a game long enuff to end up selling the dorans blade but there are many great options to change it out with

Built her like a glass cannon i know, but i made this build to capitalize on attack speed, n life steal
attack speed allows u to keep your 2nd skill at 10 stacks all the time, i think this is her best skill and has been overlooked, my build is extremely glass cannon i know, but i allow for her passive and ult to keep you alive
flash and exhaust have been great
what do you guys think? long way from perfect obviously only played 2 games

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Senior Member


I've played with you before, your guide is brilliant - you totally owned with Poppy.

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Beegly Boogs

Senior Member


Why not armor pen for reds? Devastating can't crit so crit runes feel wasted on her.

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Lelouch Zero



Why not armor pen for reds? Devastating can't crit so crit runes feel wasted on her.

i said attack speed for reds.

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Lelouch Zero



one last bump tonight. hopin to get my guide added to the poppy guides.

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Junior Member



This guide is beautiful.

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Lelouch Zero



bump. updated the boots (been testing them)

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Senior Wrenchman


It would be nice to see a little more guide beyond just the build.