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Need help playing LoL! Please Read!

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I just started playing league yesterday and I'm feeling the struggle mainly due to being completely clueless about what champ to play and how to play them and what builds to use, what lane to play and some other aspects of league! Would really appreciate if someone could help me break that barrier and actually start learning and getting better! Been playing Beginner AI games since I started, not sure which game type to even play!

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I've summarized what/how I've learned over the last three years playing League in four categories marked by generic inspirational quotes. Its kinda long so if you get bored feel free to take a nap and pick up where you left off. Or ignore it entirely. (It's the thought that counts after all.)

"Variety is the spice of life." -Try out every champion you can (10 champions are free every week.) Find which ones give you the most joy while your playing. Although stressful at times, this is just a game and if you don't find it fun don't torture yourself.

"Practice makes perfect." -Beginner bots exist for a reason. Playing a multitude of matches against easy opponents is the best way to learn, don't be afraid to ask your teams questions not every player is a jerk I promise. Be thankful you didn't have to learn by getting beaten down by real players like us older players did. Before you know it you'll have picked up the ins and outs of the game.

"Patience is a virtue best learned though experience." -Don't give up. Sometimes playing this game feels like more of a chore than a game. If you give up too soon, or get frustrated and quit you'll miss out on all the good times that can be had.

"Knowledge is power." -The most boring way to learn is by reading walls of text like this one. Odds are you got fed up with me and stopped reading, and thus proved my point. If you're still with me then that's fantastic! Try watching others play to learn the ropes. A good thousand people are streaming League at any given time, and there's about a third of YouTube to consider. Watch the experienced play, load up a bot match and practice what you've learned. Rinse, Repeat, suddenly you're better.

God willing I just helped you. Worst case scenario. I tried and only mildly inconvenienced you. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you try your best. I believe in you.