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How to carry Bronze & Silver with Lux

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Hey guys. If you're looking for a stable mid champion to stick to for your journey toward gold, I suggest that you pick Lux as your new main. She is all around yet safe carry who can dish out tons of damage from far away.

Recommendations before the game starts.

1. See if you can grab Mid. If you can't grab mid, grab top. If you can't grab top, grab support. Lux will prevail everywhere in the map.

2. Do not pick Lux into Yasuo. Just don't, you're going to have a bad time.

3. Take AD Reds against Melee mids, and Hybrid Pen against Ranged mids.


1. Lux is all about early level zoning and preventing your opponent from growing too large into late game. Keep harassing with your E + Passive proc combo to zone the enemy away from CS and exp.

2. You'll deal tons of damage mid game, and melt carries late game while providing good CC and shield for your team.
Seek opportunities to land a Q and E combo on the enemy ADC, Support and Mid carry.
Always be within the middle or back of the team, or throw out Q's in the front and switch to the back until the cooldown comes back up.

In -game:

1. If you're mid, politely ask your Jungler for the 2nd Blue. "Shaco, can I take the next blue?" is all you need. Lux with Blue = never stop pushing & harass, which will be important to keep your mid lane pressured. Once you steamroll with the blue and get that double kill, your jungler will feel more confident in lending you the blue again.

2. This is how you can easily win the laning phase. When your opponent comes to auto a creep, send out your E slightly behind him and auto him, and while your auto is mid-air, pop your E.
Your E is a weird skillshot that's actually pretty hard to predict where it would land. It does travel in a certain direction, but you never know how far it will travel. Your opponent will see the E coming and back away, but you already placed the E behind him so he'll be hit with it.
Even if this costs you in losing a single CS, you'll deal so much damage from that one combo and easily pressure your opponent away from the CS for the rest of the laning phase.
It's like slapping him in the face and saying "This is MY lane, b*tch. Prepare your anus."

How to deal with certain types of Champions.

1. Melee Assassins: Talon, your so call "Hardest counter" is actually very vulnerable to you at level 1 & 2. ABUSE this combo earlier at level 1 ~ 2 and you'll actually shove him out of the lane. Always look forward to pushing hard with your E so that they miss CS under their tower. Add even more pressure while they're last hitting by sending out your E under the turret, forcing them to back away even when they're under their tower. Ward the enemy wraith camp and have a general knowledge of where the enemy jungler might be.

2. AP Push Carries such as Morg, Ziggs, Morde: They'll push hard. You have to push hard too, since Lux last hits terribly under the turret. While pushing the wave, try to include your enemy in your E and constantly pack in the proc damage. You want to wait until you're level 6 where you can just pretend to be CS'ing while throwing out a sudden Q.
If your Q lands and the enemy is at 50% HP, throw out your E, ignite and Ultimate, then pop your E.
Easiest first blood ever in the history of League of Legends.

Late game: Catch people with Q, E, and Ult them.

Team fights: Stay back, shield your whole team, and try to fight in a narrow jungle pathway; Wait for the right moment and don't ult right away. Keep shielding your allies and never get in range of your enemies.