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It Takes a Warm Smile (Braum x Lissandra)

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'Why him...' Lissandra thought as she rubs her temples and not turning to face him; though she has little choice in seeing him through the eyes of the other champions.

Ashe, walking over to Braum, "It's good to know I'll have you with me Braum. Allies as reliable as you are a blessing."

"It good to have Queen on side too! Hahaha! Look like we have many strong teammate; this will be wonderful match!" Braum said excitedly. Noticing Lissandra in the corner, alienating herself from everyone, Braum decides to approach her.

"Enjoy your talk with your employer?" Lissandra stated coldly and still refusing to turn to face Braum.

"Employer? Oh you are meaning Ashe! Haha she not my employer, only Queen of mighty Avarosan. Yes she ask me many favor, but nothing more haha!" Braum innocently replied.

"But she is the one that requested of you to vanquish the monster dwelling within the mountains where I live, is she not?" She said sternly.

Taken aback, but honest to a fault he replies "Yes Queen did ask, but-"

Interrupting him "Then you do realize I am that monster of which she refers, my would-be assassin." her words pierced him.

Braum, always strong in the face of adversity "Yes Ashe ask Braum to slay monster in mountains, but what Braum find was no monster. What Braum find was treasure, greater than precious stone."

His words paralyzed Lissandra. Again, his words and actions defy all logic and befuddle her. She could not help but glance over at him, with his glowing smile fixated upon her. He gives her a brief bow and leave decides it best to leave her be for now. Ashe, seeing this exchange, is confused as to what exactly happened between them.

Wukong, having floated his cloud above Lissandra and overheard their exchange, "What's up with you two?" half hanging off of his throne of clouds.

"Leave me you annoying monkey!" lashing at him with spears of ice.

"Whatever you say, crazy ice lady" He laughed as he nimbly and effortlessly dodges her assault.

An alarm sounded followed by an authoritative voice "There will be no fighting among team champions. Further transgressions will be subject to severe penalty. Thank you for your compliance."

Wukong, snickering "Looks like you're in trouble, crazy lady!"

Lissandra remained silent and simmered - envisioning the terrible things she could do to that insufferable monkey. Ashe couldn't help but feel a little satisfaction at Lissandra's plight. Amumu, desperate to make friends as always, tries to give Lissandra a hug. He is halted by Lissandra's menacing demeanor and quickly runs behind Braum, crying profusely. Moments later, the authoritative voice returned.

"The match will begin momentarily. Please remember the rules and code of conduct you will uphold during today's match. Good luck and may you be victorious!"

Soon after they all were teleported to Summoner's Rift. Even though she despised the Institute of War, these matches made Lissandra nostalgic of the days of the Watchers. Amumu, with his summoner quickly having bought his items, makes his way to the their side's Golem location with Wukong eagerly following behind - everything is a game to him.

"Should I purchase a Doran's ring with some potions? Or should I buy a Faerie Charm to help build into a better item?" Reina's voice echoed in Lissandra's mind, thinking aloud.

"Just buy the Doran's and potions" Lissandra commanded Reina, not wanting to deal with her indecisiveness.

"O-Oh alright.." complying with Lissandra's command. Reina is still fairly inexperienced with how everything is done within the league and their matches, but is determined to give her best effort.
As she leaves the platform, she looks back at Ashe leaving as well. Ashe simply gives Lissandra a cold stare and Lissandra responds with a confident smile, hoping to instigate Ashe and throw off her game - with any luck Jinx will tear her apart, even if it is only temporary. Braum gives Lissandra a wink and gives her a friendly wave as he walks off with Ashe - somehow without anyone noticing before, a poro can be seen bouncing atop Braum's door as he walks to his destination.

As Lissandra makes her way to mid lane, Wukong calls out "Hey crazy ice lady, mind helping us out with the golems when they appear? Thanks!" taunting her. Lissandra, deciding to keep her temporary allies on amicable terms, complies and awaits near the golem spawning area. Reina, wanting to make a good impression, places the vision trinket within a bush in the river. Lissandra is unable to even acknowledge this and remains focused on the task at hand.

"Minions have spawned." the announcer declared. With only moments remaining until the jungle monsters are summoned onto the field, they await for if the enemy team will try to make an early engagement. Luckily no one from the opposing team appeared and they were able to kill the golems with impunity. Reina guides Lissandra to the middle lane to begin their long task of defeating the enemy team. Upon arrival, Lissandra immediately feels the presence of her despised lane dueler, Brand. Brand, seeing Lissandra, grows an insidious smile.

"Greetings, Ice Witch. Hope it doesn't get too hot for you." Taunting Lissandra.

"Your flames are but embers before the power of my black-ice." Lissandra retorted.

Laughing "Is that so? If I didn't know any better I would say the heat is already getting to you." continuing his taunts.

"Silence you parasite! You cannot even exist without a willing host! I imprisoned you before and I can do it again!" she angrily responded. She may have been able to seal him away centuries ago and lock him away in a prison of ice, but that was when she was at the height of her power; when the Watchers were thought to be insurmountable. Now with him free and her power having greatly waned, she is unsure if she can live up to that claim now. Brand, if left unchecked, could engulf the world in flames. This is one of the only reasons she tolerates the Institute; for without them he very well may have destroyed the world in fire long ago.

Reina, realizing that the two of them have personal history, decides to allow Lissandra to do as she pleases while keeping a watchful eye. Following the normal flow of the match, the two of them harass each other. Lissandra casting shards of ice to lacerate him and Brand, being more aggressive, creates huge pillars of fire to try and completely incinerate Lissandra. Luckily Brand is less refined and relies on pure power to overwhelm his foes; a tactic Lissandra can work around with relative ease, but cannot evade all of his attacks. Both have sustained a significant amount of damage.

"He just lets his fire spread wherever with no regard of his surroundings. I need to goad him into a bad position so that I can finish him!" Whispered Lissandra.

"You've taken a lot of damage Lissandra.. A-Are you sure that you can do it? If you make a mistake it won't end well..." Reina giving her advice on the situation.

Lissandra, after taking a second to formulate a strategy and decides to engage Brand. Lissandra was able to successfully engage Brand through her glacial path and immediately encased him in ice with a ring of frost. With his movement restricted, but still able to react, Brand responds by setting Lissandra ablaze with pyroclasm and attempts to use fireball to stun Lissandra. Reina is able to calculate Brand's attack and reacts in time before Lissandra is struck by the fireball and flashes Lissandra back towards the safety of her minions. Lissandra is able to cast shards of ice that strike Brand, but he yet survives with barely any health left. With Brand having retreated back to his tower, Diana makes her presence known and tries to finish off Lissandra. Thankfully to Reina's positioning, Lissandra is able to escape Diana's assault using her minions to slow Diana's approach while assailing her with shards of ice.

"You are a slippery target, Lissandra. Only those who are afraid of judgement are as elusive as you." Diana taunted.

"My quarrel isn't with you. Leave, Moon's Scorn; we would make better allies than rivals." Lissandra, always looking to recruit those to her cause. Recognizing what Reina had done, Lissandra shows some gratitude "... Thank you summoner. Though Brand's death would have brought me great joy, surviving the encounter with Diana was a wise decision on your part."

"I wouldn't be so sure he made it out alive." Reina responded, in a surprisingly menacing manner.

"First blood!" the announcer states. An image of Brand can be seen above the battlefield.

"I had some time to Ignite him as well." The thrill of battle getting to Reina.

"It would seem that there is more to you than you let on, summoner. What was your name?"

"It's Reina, Reina Kissryil." Slightly annoyed that Lissandra didn't even have the courtesy of remembering her name.

"Alright, Reina Kissryil, lets return to the summoning platform. Recovery and resupply is in order." Reina has shown to be a competent summoner, garnering a small amount of respect.

With the fervor of battle subsiding, Reina submissively complies with Lissandra and returns her to the summoning platform.


Author's Note

So if you all can guess, this is going to be a fairly large section. I predict at least 2 more chapters will be dedicated to this match. What's come of the other two lanes you ask? What poor soul has gained the affection of Amumu? And why is there a poro on Summoner's Rift?! These questions and more will be answered!

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Senior Member


Great chapter, I can't wait for the next, but why a cliffhanger...

Anyways I like the interaction with Braum and Lissandra, how she froze from his truthful, kind, and honest words was amazing.

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hehe I'm glad you enjoyed that ^^

I left it there cause if i did the entire match in one go, it'd be like five times longer than that. and cliffhangers are what keep people interested xD

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Also, I hope I didn't mess with your character too much, Reina ><!

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Senior Member


I'm glad you're not one of those writers who's so literal when writing battle.

I've seen some people write like this in fanfics: "Garen used his full combo on Cho'gath, but then Fiora came to gank, so Garen flashed out. Cho'gath went B and teleported back to lane."

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Reina Kissryil

Senior Member


Also, I hope I didn't mess with your character too much, Reina ><!

You did well...The transition from inexperienced to sinister of my character was perfect. Good job on your part, I'm quite happy with how you played her out, though I might have done it a tad bit differently but yours is just as good as what I had in mind.

I tend to drag out my stuff, also, Reina has red hair and jaded eyes, she's young and smart, despite her shyness. This is good though, keep it up.

EDIT: Also I forgot to mention, you need to have more exposition in your story, more description, more details. A story is more than just "A good story line", those three things are critical to writing a good story and becoming a good writer.

If you need an example, I recommend reading my own Fanfiction "Destroyed, then Improved", "Disrupting the Balance" by HuggableZombie or any of Grand Vipers fanfictions.

Once you include those three main things to your writing, you will do better than you are now. I'm still learning from HuggableZombie so I'm nowhere near a pro writer, I'm only passing on what I learnt. Have fun.

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I know, I'm more used to screenplay writing (film/stage directing major haha..) so I'm very used to writing like a script.

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when's the next chapter coming?

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