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[Open RP Event] Invitation to D'Cardin Manor.

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((To those wanting to be a part of the security, I'm afraid that won't work. One of the reasons Munchlord's security is so airtight is that he only uses people who have prooved their loyalty to him on several occasions. Even though Jacob is technically a mercenary, a lot of stuff goes on between him and Munchlord that isn't public knowledge....

Varroq, given your position in the Preservers, you are permitted the escort. They will have to come unarmed as well though.))

As Scarr is making his way towards the main building, someone taps him lightly on the shoulder from the back. This someone had come out from the woods and is the only visible sign of security, a pale, lean man with dark hair wearing black leather clothing and carrying a large hextech rifle with multiple addons and modifications in a leather strap over the shoulder. The man would be recognizeable to some as Jacob Blackclaw.

"Now I must admit, when I saw you on the guest list, I didn't expect you to actually show your ugly ass face. How's life been working out for you lately bro?"

He said to Scarr with a wide grin and a friendly teasing tone.

Then, Isildur suddenly starts yelling at the front gate.

"Uh, moment, gotta take care of this yelling #ยค%#"

He then walked over to Isildur

"Isildur? you're on the list so why don't you just shut up and fill your mouth with beer before you make an even bigger fool of yourself."

He said with a loud tone of mock helpfulness and a mocking grin.Before the Noxian had a chance to respond, however, Jacob walked back to Scarr, mumbling to himself "Noxian brains, shrinking by the hour."

Deadeye managed to get in unseen by the other guests. That, however, didn't mean he was not spotted by security measures, but as he was on the guest list, he was left to be as eccentric as he wished.

As Varroq reached the entrance hall where the butler, Pierre, was serving drinks, Munchlord approached him and extended a hand in greeting. He was wearing a dark red robe in an Ionian style with draconic motifs woven into the fabric with purple thread, giving him a simple, yet elegant and stylish appearance.

"Welcome Varroq. Your fellow Preservers have yet to arrive, but you can make yourself comfortable in the banquet hall and find yourself a seat while you wait, if you wish."

Munchlord's appearance and demeanor was polite and friendly, effectively and utterly masking the thought in the back of his head: "Koragon of all the insane things you have been involved in throughout your life, having this guy be the Diplomatic Head of the Preservers is probably the worst."

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Lu Caos

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Lu arrived as per usual, very quietly, already standing in a corner of the room as if he'd been there all along. He cast his gaze around the manor, and it was made apparent that unlike usual, his right eye was open, the red draconic eye almost seemed to glow slightly as he seemed to examine everything and nothing all at the same time. He was dressed in his usual blue summoners robes, seemingly not having very much creativity in the fashion department.

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Varroq stared at Mr. Munch-


"I swear to god Surquil if you do that again I will literally rip this crystal from my chest myself!" Varroq thought.

Surquil snickered inside the crystal.

Muunchlord was playing the part of the affable host. He went through the motions, and was very convincing. There was something in his eyes however; a glimmer, that reminded Varroq of Liliana.

Varroq's danger hand twitched. He brushed past Munchlord with a nod and made his way to the banquet hall. He spied the head table... his name was not on the seating list.

"Impudent..." Varroq growled.

"You know Varroq, you are technically on suspension. Have you ever thought that you might be treated this way because you screwed things up for the Preservers somewhere in the area of four times now?"

Varroq grunted. Cryypter was not on the head table's seating list either. Strange; perhaps he could not make it...

Varroq shook his head, pulled a chair up against a wall to the side, and proceeded to sit and meditate.

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Scarr, Isilidur, Varroq and his guard, Remwals, and Lu Caos.

Deadeye wrote these names under the list of people who have already arrived in his notedbook by watching those who came through the front gates. Since it hasn't been confinscated, Deadeye assumed that it was all right for him to have it with him.

He quickly flipped through the notebook to find information on each of the other guests in case something should happen. Not that there was a high chance something would happen but in the end it was always best to be prepared for the worst, even if there's no chance of it happening.

Keeping to himself, Deadeye didn't even try to make contact with the other guests and instead decided to watch what would happen. Because events like this didn't end without something happening. Maybe it wouldn't end in blood, but it would definitly be interesting.

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(Definitely having fun swapping characters.)

A carriage bearing the seal of the Wong family halted outside the gates, and from inside steps forth a exquisitely dressed Ionian woman. She places the invitation in the stunned guard's hands, and proceeds inside the manor. The long hem of her rich crimson dress floated on an invisible gap from the floor, avoiding getting dirt. The flower patterns on her dress seemed to sway as she moved, and the silver butterflies in flight.

Her entry causes quite the looks from male guests, but she graciously turns them away - disheartening some bachelors. She greets Sniper, sensing his magical aura. Then she graciously presents herself to the host, then to the Preservers' command heirarchy, keeping eye contact at all times. The intensity of her personality is evident.

"Wong Ling Ling, daughter to the exiled warlord Wong Fuhai; wife and mentor to the summoner, Necromonger. I am afraid recent events tied to the group's activities have tied his hands, and that of our agent, and thus for a formal social gathering I obliged his request of attendance... Though I am here more as an observer and adviser than an actual participant." She bows slightly yet again, and takes a seat at a table- none of the guests seem to have the courage to seat next to her.

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((Note, I AM unarmed for the moment and the only weapons I could get are darts which are useless without poison)) Seeing the mysterious sniper write something in his notebook as he passed aroused Remwald's attention, he quietly skulks off to attempt to get a sight of what he's written.

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Once again, the black chariot wheeled it's way across the evening road as it pulled in front of another home, another manor. However, this was not the Monteclaire Estate, it was a new mansion, with new people and faces. The two Vel'bir pulling the carriage came to a slow stop in front of the impressive light display put on by illustrious summoner known as Munchlord D'Cardin. Leaning far back in the distance, the passenger's could make out the hex-tech capital of Zaun gleaming under the shower of a multi-colored evening sky.

Cool metal grieves hit gravel as the Grey Liege descended from the umbral coach. He could not shake the feeling of anxiety as well as pride he felt being personally invited to this party, not to mention sit at the high table as well, which was a well reserved honor. Memories of other parties came into mind, decisions that were later regretted. He steeled himself to not allow that to occur again. D'Cardin struck him as a man who could be deceitful and astute, but he had known him from prior events as well. He knew the mage was honorable in his deeds, if not a bit sly at times.

"Pern, would you mind stepping out? I've been sitting in this carriage for hours, my legs are begging to move." Khay spoke from the back of the coach. Her fiery red hair was the first thing that came into view as she walked out onto the small stepladder provided by the servants. Her exquisite gown was a black satin dress that as it moved to the hem on the bottom, was threaded into several shades of red, orange, and yellow, giving the expression of fire. Her ears were studded with rubies carved into the shapes of a local Zaunite flower known as the Sunset's Eye. Her fingers played with a small gold ring studded with a single diamond on her left ring finger.

The liege chuckled as he watched her mess with the engagement ring, "It's not going to run away you know." He held out his hand to steady her down, his gleaming white and silver timed armor was an incredible contrast to his betrothed's gown.

She grinned shaking her head as they began walking towards the beautiful home, "I'm just hope I don't burn this dress like I did last time, and I swear if any fight's break out, I am not getting involved. No need to lose another gown to a bunch of cocky brawlers." She sighed laughing at the old memory, although in reality, it had only been a few months ago.

"I must say, it feels very good to be back in Zaun, although I wasn't too familiar with this part of the city. The only time I came to the upper area's was when I graduated from the mage's academy. They held a big ceremony on the grounds of a home much like this. It was probably the headmaster's house, considering the whole place reeked of cigars and arrogance."

"I have to agree about being in Zaun, it's nice to not have to wear a helmet to cover up my face. Necromancy isn't such a taboo here. Undead do not need to hide their so called shame. I'm allowed that facet of dignity at the least."

Khay paused a moment before laughing, "Are you sure you just don't like the fact Harkis can't make a helmet big enough to fit your head?" Her voice was light and crisp as it carried over the luscious grounds of the home.

As they made it to the door, Pern pulled a green and gold envelope from his ornamental armor. After a half-second a click resounded as the massive oak and steel entry swung open. A old silver haired butler smiled at them warmly as he gestured towards a large round table near the banquet area.

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((Well, time to jump in!))

Kahzel finally arrived the Manor, a tad late for him, always thinking he's late. But this time, not many members arrived. A party... huh? Well, time to be the all-mighty Demacian guy. Dressed in really expensive clothes, a long robe, made by Demacia's finest tailor, shining in crimson and an onyx black, wearing dark glvoes with rubies incrusted on the knuckles, no pouches, no spells this time. He kept riding to the entrance, and the gates keep closed.

I am Kahzel Darkflare, Preserver of the Research Division, and son of the Shadow Council's Chief Warlock. Do i need an invitation?, having said that, the gates opened. Even though he had the invitaion, he wanted to state that it was unnecessary. He kept riding until he couldn't more, and then, he got off the horse.

"Can please someone take care of this? But, if he's damaged, you'll face my rage." says as he enters. The first one he notices is Varroq, and goes towards to him.

"I hope you don't punch things this time." says to him and laughs.

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A line of pale lavender light cut the night in front of the Residence's gates. It grew and opened in a portal, through which a closed carriage rode in, dragged by four jet-black horses. It bore the House D’Escarde coat of arms emblazoned on the sides, as well as on the livery on the horses and the steward’s uniform.

The carriage stopped in front of the gates, the steward opening the door. Caelestes descended graciously the stairs, as he had done hundreds of times before. The servant bowed deeply to the nobleman, resisting the urge to gaze upon the splendor of the nobleman before him.

Caelestes was indisputably splendid that night, beyond usual. His hair was gathered on a side and held in place by an exquisite platinum hairpin, representing a coiled snake.

Several locks of hair fell gracefully on the side of his visage, in a golden cascade on his shoulder. On the other ear he wore a single earring, a marvelous work of jewelry, made from diamonds and pale gold.

At his neck, a golden locket bearing his family crest hung gracefully on a fine golden chain.
He chose a magnificent royal purple dress, an intricate work of lace and silk, decorated with golden draconic motifs, faintly coiling around his slender body. The outfit was a masterpiece of the finest Noxian tailor, its value astronomical.

The dress had a low cut neckline, on which he had worn a long, ethereal shawl woven entirely of diaphanous platinum thread. Rather than concealing the pale skin underneath, it discreetly framed it. ((Munchlord should recognize it as the one worn during their duel))

On his arm, platinum bracelets bearing snakelike motifs, and three rings on his fingers: a silver one with his personal seal, a simple white gold one and one with an exceptionally pure amethyst set in platinum.

The overall appearance could have been judged a little too opulent, but strikingly beautiful nonetheless.

He walked to the guardian with a light step, giving him a glance of acknowledgment and passed by
As he entered the hall he scanned the area. “My, my, usual black attires. So plain in their attempts to look good…” He walked up to Munchlord and smiled politely to him. “My, my, quite the glamorous entourage you have, my ~Lord~. I definitely approve~"

((Luxury requires wall of text >_&lt)

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((Right.... let me clear up a little something which seems to not have been clear in the OP.... Nobody is standing around to check for invitations, a spell scans everyone who enters and if you're on the list, you get to enter without problems, and the iron gate opens automatically for you. If you aren't, you are automatically denied entry. Trying to force it will cause the security measures to take action. That also means that Kahzel's display is largely pointless, save for whatever ego boost it gives him.))

Munchlord leaves Varroq to walk past him and turn attention elsewhere, more specifically to a pale man in a laboratory coat that arrived from some other part of the Manor through a different door than the one leading to the banquet hall. The man is extremely gaunt and his skin is stretched tightly over his bones. To anyone with the arcane or physiological knowledge, it is clear that the man is a fairly well preserved undead. Munchlord looks at the man and speaks with mild annoyance in his voice.

"Did you forget the time again now Igor? The guests are arriving, go get changed."

Igor didn't seem to mind Munchlord's annoyance much, as he simply shrugged and made his way up stairs, presumeably to get dressed. While Munchlord greets Pern and Khay, a construct that looks like it is made out of liquid state metal arrives to take care of the horse. It doesn't respond to the threat and seems to, over all, be insentient and just following a programmed behavior.

Munchlord's attention was then commandeered by Caelestes, and he responded, still with the perfect demeanor of the good and welcoming host.

"Ah Caelestes, well met. Dressed as outrageously as it is stylish, as allways."