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Should riot make Slender fiddles?

Riot Please! 3 50%
maybe..... 2 33.33%
oh dear god no! 1 16.67%
Voters 6 .

Skin Concept: Slender Fiddles

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Was wondering with all the stories and posts going around on the internet about slender man why a slender fiddles skin hasn't been done. Fiddles would look like slender man with the suit and the only change with his abilities would be his ultimate. Instead of the normal crow storm it would be slender arms coming from the ground in the swirling terror around him. Ive seen a few other posts suggesting similar skin concepts with the slender man theme once I started looking into it. The concept suits his scary personality. There is a free download on the internet for a slender man skin for fiddles, but I think it could be perfected and amped up to be quite a fearsome sight to see playing against.