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Insimbi, The Willer of Metal

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this is a champion that i have recently been putting some thought into so this is my first champion idea and i haven't studied up on stats and such but i have a basic design concept for him and move ideas and if it gets good feed back from you guys i will add an actual picture of him and stats so if you read this thank you

Insimbi, The Willer of Metal
insimbi uses 'metal scraps' instead of mana he starts off with 300 scraps and maxes out at 750 scraps
class: tank/mage

passive:battle armor
for every 25 'metal scraps' insimbi currently has, he gets 1 armor (cap is 30)

q ability:scrap grenade (maybe 50 scraps per grenade throw, cd:10 seconds per grenade)
this ability stacks grenades and can hold up to 5 at a time these grenades will be a skill shot a lot like corki's ultimate
w ability:shrapnel storm (5 scraps per second, cd:3 seconds for reactivation)
this ability is a lot like karthus' "defile" in a sense that it will drain your scraps for the amount of time it is in affect how ever you may not cast any of your abilities while it is in affect, casting another ability will stop this ability. while using this ability you may move but much like lucian's ultimate you can only fire in the direction you first choose this attack will fire in a cone
e ability:alloyed armor (no cost, cd:14 seconds)
Insimbi combines his metal to give him +10/+15/+20/+25/+30% bonus armor for 3 seconds
r ultimate:metal scrap explosion (remaining metal scraps, cd:110/100/90 seconds)
this "bomb" will deal your ability power+1/2 of your remaining scraps
Extra Notes
Insimbi's abilities also scale with ap
Insimbi looks a bit like nidalee crossed with pulsefire ezreal in the sense that he has markings in certain areas however still has armor and hightech gadgets

wondering why he's named insimbi?
it is because in zulu it translates to iron thus the title "The Willer of Metal"

thank you for everyone who comments ways to make this champion better and to everyone who thinks this champ might be playable after some adjustments and if this gets enough feedback and stuff i will add stats and an actual picture of him so again thank you and have a good day ^u^