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Un'Dra, The Master of the Storm, attacking with his lightning blades

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Un'dra- Master of the storms
mana based assassin

Passive- storms swiftness- Speed increases when out of combat for 5 seconds. 15% ms boost

abilities- q ability - skillshot. Force of the thunder. Slow based ability. Lasts for 1.5 seconds. Slight damage. 55/65/75/95/115 .2 ad boost 15/12/10/8 second cool down 40/50/70/90 mana cost.

W ability- Lightning Strike- ad ability
Main damage dealer. Strikes from above and silences enemies.
85/100/125/150 .5 ad boost. 55/60/65/70 mana cost. 10/9/8/6 second cool down

E ability- Might of the Storms. Passively gives Un'Dra AD based on current level, AD, and current skill level.

Active: "Blinks" behind an enemy target, dealing regular autoattack damage on impact with enemy target.

Ultimate ability. Concealing cloud

Gives Un'Dra stealth. Deactivates passive on use and places Un'Dra behind enemy on basic attack, critical hitting for normal crit. Infinity edge does not increase critical strike damage. Works like Talons leap except no silence. .9 of ad bonus. No energy use. 110/90/75 cooldown . ad + crit damage.

Lore: Un'Dra has always been a mysterious figure. And unknown god of the storm. Hiding in the clouds, biding his time to strike upon the miserable world the humans call home. As like many figures from the void, Un'Dras origin is unknown. Some say he was born from the sky itself, but others say he is an imposter of the sky. That such figure could not exist. Not one with such power over the storms. Un'Dra has dealt with such people in his own manner. Violence. Un'Dra has made it clear to the public he will not befriend any of their silly factions. He fights in the League Of Legends for one and one cause only. His own.

"The storm cannot be stopped. Nothing can or will bring Un'Dra away from his goals."
- High Inquisitor of The League Of Legends.


Joke: I love how these silly humans think they make a difference. *Chuckles twice*

Taunt: You puny mortals stand no chance! *Laughs Evilly*

Walking quotes:
These mortals cannot stop me!
I do not follow your bidding, summoner.
You cannot contain my wrath, summoner.
The Voids power is only just breaking loose.

When leaping with ultimate or e:
Guess who!
Surprise Surprise.*Laughs*

This is just an idea so suggestions are always welcome!


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Anarchy Nova

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First off; is Un'dra a Void character? Asking, since only characters from the Void have ' in their name.

If he is from the Void, cool. We don't have enough Void characters, and so far, all of them are badass.

His kit overall seems fairly well rounded. He has a slow, a silence, and a "blink" ability for his Ult.
I think the only problem here is that the only gap closer he has is his ult. This is a problem for the early levels of the game, considering all Assassins have really good mobility and some ability to close distance that ISN'T their ult. So, this allows them to gank quite well, and their kill potential is higher. I would recommend giving his blink to another ability, otherwise, he's a pretty useless champ pre-6.

Lastly, his MS bonuses, I think, would work far better in percentages, rather than a flat amount. Maybe for his passive, give him a 10-15% MS boost, and for his ult, maybe 20-25% MS boost. I think the MS in his ult is kind of useless, considering he already has one for his passive. But I digress.

If you have time, check out my character (I hope for more critiques so I can better flesh him out)
If you don't have time, this character has great potential. I can't wait for Lore and interactions! Try giving that a shot!