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[Champion Concept] Hex - The Zaunite Anarchist (Jinx's Partner-in-Crime)

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Anarchy Nova

Senior Member


Hey there summoners, I'm here to bring a new character into the mix, known as Hex.
Let's get started on him, shall we?

I was thinking about the partnership between Vi and Caitlyn, and how they are pretty much the "Dynamic crime fighting duo" for Piltover. And their one villain is Jinx. I thought it'd be interesting for there to be a second person to accompany Jinx's crime spree. Partners-in-crime to fight the Crime fighting duo! And a name popped into my head for Jinx's partner; Hex. I wasn't sure if I should have made Hex a woman as well, since Vi and Caitlyn are, but I decided to just keep Hex a man, for a rather funny purpose.

I thought it'd be rather funny to have Hex, a native of Zaun, fall in love with Jinx, and heads to the League in search of her to ask her to join him in a dynamic, chaotic force. He is much like Jinx; he loves chaos and destruction, bombs and bullets do the trick (see that clever joke?). He wants to show the world his vast array of Hextech weaponry, but feels rather lonely testing them alone on unsuspecting victims. So, as I said, he heads to the League to find this rather stunning woman to join him! Here is what I have on him so far...

Concept by ANARCHYNOVA (No pun intended for the character)

Hex - The Zaunite Anarchist
Primary: Fighter | Secondary: Assassin

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Residence: Zaun
Occupation: Hextech Weapons Engineer
Faction: Zaun

Base Stats:
Health: 440 (+80 per level)
Attack Damage: 50 (+3 per level)
Health Regen: 7 (+0.80 per level)
Attack Speed: 0.668 (+2.5% per level)
Mana: 200 (+40 per level)
Armor: 20 (+2.5 per level)
Mana Regen: 6 (+.35 per level)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+1.25 per level)
Range: 125 (Melee)
Movement Speed: 350


Seeds of Destruction

[Hex's abilities apply stacks of Seeds of Destruction for 5 seconds, up to 4. After the max stacks have been applied, the affected enemy will continue to take 15% bonus total attack damage from Hex's auto-attacks.]

(Q) | Chaos Bomb | Range: 125 | Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 MANA | Cooldown: 12

|ACTIVE: Hex pulls out an CHA-05 Bomb and throws it on target champion, knocking surrounding enemies back and stunning target champion for .75 seconds. Hex takes damage from this ability, but the damage is reduced. Hex cannot die from this ability.
|PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50/100/150/200/250 (+60% bonus Attack Damage)
|DAMAGE REDUCTION: 15/30/45/60/75%

(W) | Pandemonium | Range: 200 | Cost: 80 MANA | Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8

|PASSIVE: Hex gains bonus cooldown reduction.

|ACTIVE: Hex sets off his PAN-D3-M0N1UM alarm, damaging surrounding units with a powerful burst of sound, reducing surrounding units movement speed and increasing his for 4 seconds.
|MAGIC DAMAGE: 25/50/75/100/125 (+40% Ability Power)
|MOVEMENT SPEED: 10/20/30/40/50%

(E) | Riot Wall | Range: 500 | Cost: 80 MANA | Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12

|ACTIVE: Hex dashes to target location, damaging and slowing surrounding units' attack speed at the end of the path. If Hex makes contact with an enemy champion, Hex will stop his dash and throw a R10-7 Seismic Device into the ground, creating a small, impassable wall behind the champion.
|MAGIC DAMAGE: 30/60/90/120/150(+50% Ability Power)(+15% bonus Attack Damage)
|ATTACK SPEED: 15/20/25/30/35/40%

(R) | Anarchy Blast | Range: 125 | Cooldown: 180/140/100

|1ST ACTIVE: Hex prepares his gauntlet to empower his next attack,
|2ND ACTIVE: Hex's next auto-attack inflicts heavy damage on the target enemy champion, based on their current health. If Hex does not attack an enemy champion within 5 seconds, Hex will take damage, be stunned for 1.75/2/2.25 seconds, and have his ult refreshed.
|TOTAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 100/150/200 (+100% bonus attack damage(+20% of enemy's current health))
|DAMAGE RETURN: 10/15/20% current health

Audio Log discovered in Piltover wreckage

Hex speaking;
I have some rather interesting news! According to reports spilling out of Piltover, citizens claim a criminal fashioned that of Zaunite wear, is wreaking havoc among their community. Something I find rather strange of these reports is that, many Zaunites are rather proud of their home, and despite our attempts to show the world our genius, we tend to stick around here, if anything.

With that said, perhaps this hero is merely doing Zaun a favor and showing the world our power! And what a rather quaint way of doing so, by using that dreadful Piltover as an output of his or her creativity~

I shall investigate further on this mysterious criminal, so I can one day shake the hand of Zaun's very own hero!

Hex, signing out!

*Audio log ends*

I have great news, once more~ Why what is it you ask? It's more information on our mystery hero! Splendid, absolutely splendid!

Upon hacking into a Piltover security database, I've stumbled across pictures taken of the culprit, though unfortunately, most taken feature her facing away from the camera.

To begin, as I have been saying, the criminal is a petite female. She has blue hair with two long ponytails down to her hindquarters, fair skin, an interesting get-up, and a trio of interesting weapons including a high-powered machine gun, a rocket-propelling shark, and a sinister zapping gun. How delightful~ I can see this criminal has great taste in weaponry!

This woman seems to be leaving rather crude depictions of one of the residents of the town; a partner to the sheriff Caitlyn that goes by the name of Vi. What I find most amusing is how infuriated she becomes never catching her rival, hehehe!

Also I-
What's this? Perfect! I can finally put a face to this criminal! Just need to refocus the image a~nd!
Oh... Oh goodness. I... I am ending my log here.

Hex, signing out...

*Audio log ends*

Gah! I cannot stand it anymore! I must find this woman! I cannot have emptiness in my mind as she is always in it! Even my REM cycles are plagued with her beauty! Her eyes, so full of excitement! Havoc forms as she paints a masterpiece of chaos with her sinister smile! Her laugh, evil and wicked, surely causing anxiety and panic in those who listen! She is absolutely perfect! Just think, Hex, what we can do together, lovers in arms! The seeds of chaos we can sew,the taste of anarchy, DESTRUCTION!!! It's a symphony to my ears! Quickly! I must find her!I cannot think of another day that I invent glorious hextech weaponry and have no one to enjoy them with!

Hex, signing out!


Hex again, with a quick update;
Here in Piltover, I've retrieved a bit more information on the woman. The locals here have called her Jinx, and it seems that I can most likely find her at the "League of Legends." I've heard much about that pathetic system. Many arrive for glory and fame; puppets of their cities to only bring a name to their home. I shall let none get in my way of achieving the only thing that matters; finding my dream woman and claiming the world in the name of Zaun! Aaahahahahaha!!

Vi: "Hey you! Put your hands in the air!"

Huh? Oh, hello there. How can I assist you and your freakishly large hands today?

Vi: "What did you say... about my hands?"

I was pointing out the size of your gauntlets. Rather large for a woman your size.

Vi: "That's it punk!"
Caitlyn: "Vi, calm down!"
Vi: "Shut up Cait, this is personal"

Have I struck a nerve? You should listen to your partner there, hehe!

Vi: "Not really, but I'm gonna strike you in the face!"

Strike me in the fa-?



*Audio log ends after a loud metallic pang is heard*


Hex can be a strong lane opponent during the mid->late game phase. However, his early game is weak, so try to take advantage of that time and shut him down. Do not underestimate him, however, as he can easily stand toe-to-toe with a full set of abilities.

CC is Hex's arch nemesis; slowing, stunning, and rooting can prevent him from using his ult, granting you free time to damage him after he is stunned. Keep your distance whenever possible, and be aware that Hex will most likely begin his ult after he dashes in with Riot Wall.

Hex is dependent on combo-ing his abilities, so silencing him can prevent him from reaching max stacks of his passive. Also, if you notice you have some stacks, try to get away from him so the stacks reset.

Hex, during the laning phase, is really weak. Try to stay farmed and keep up with your opponents, as your mid->late game is his time to shine.

A common combo for Hex is to activate his ult, dash in with Riot Wall, use his Chaos Bomb to stun, then finish and max your passive with Pandemonium to deal great damage to your opponent.


Selection: "It's only a matter of time before the League crumbles into ashes"

"Yeah yeah yeah, I'm going"
"Would you stop with that incessant clicking?!"
"I'm moving as fast as I care to."
"One two, gonna blow up you! Three four, gonna kill some more!"
"Creeping in, like death."
"Onward, for the glory of Zaun!"
"Hmm, no sign of her here..."
"Where could she be?"
"In the name of all that is chaotic."

Attack Move:
"If I could have a moment of your time- DIE!!"
"I sure hope they love hexplosives in the face!"
"You make me sick."
"Disgusting things, I shall blow you all to bits!"
"He~re's HEX!!!"
"Burn them down!"

"I'll show you why I put the 'Hex' in 'Hextech'! Hehehe."
"Explosives? Check. Dead enemies? Checkaroo! Ha!"

"Oh it's that darn lag hitting again, isn't it? Hehehehe!"
"I'll be sure to send your remains to your mother. Hahaha!"

"Nooo!! I wasn't done... Killing... yet.... bleh..."
"Tell Jinx.... I couldn't kill enough... people....egghh."
"Don't worry! I'll just.... re... spawn..... guhuuu."

To Vi(Enemy): "I can see why she calls you 'Fathands'. Hehehe"
To Vi(Enemy): "Come on Vi, just try and hit me! You'll get your money's worth."
To Cait (Enemy - Hit by Ult): "Pfft! Twitches bolts hurt way more than that! Seriously, those hurt alot...."
To Cait (Enemy - Hit by Ult): "HA!! Is that the standard issue PELLET RIFLE, CAITLYN?"
To Jinx (Friendly): "At long last, my future wife! Let's destroy this world, for Zaun!"
To Jinx (Friendly): "Let's make them beg for mercy, aye Jinx?"
To Jinx (Enemy): "Don't worry, my love, it's nothing personal!"
To Jinx (Enemy): "I will gladly take every bullet for you!"
To Jinx (Enemy - Hit by Ult): "I thought we had something special!!!"
To Jinx (Enemy - Hit by Ult): "Don't worry, we can make your explosives better, my love~!"
To Ziggs (Enemy): "*sigh* If only you used that genius mind for Zaun..."
To Ziggs (Enemy): "I'll show you REAL Hexplosives, you little rat!"

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and any questions you may have, I would love to answer!

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Dante Solidad

Senior Member


sooo when he dash into a champion a wall apear ......behind them??? could u explain the riot dash more detail

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Anarchy Nova

Senior Member


Dante Solidad:
sooo when he dash into a champion a wall apear ......behind them??? could u explain the riot dash more detail

I thought it made a lot of sense haha

Think of the ability like this
It's considered a skillshot, since you have to aim the dash. However, if you hit an enemy champion along that dash, he'll stop and create a wall to block off the enemy's path.

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Dante Solidad

Senior Member


oh ok so the wall appear in front of the victim if you collide against them ok i see what you mean now

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Anarchy Nova

Senior Member


Dante Solidad:
oh ok so the wall appear in front of the victim if you collide against them ok i see what you mean now

Yeah haha, it's like an Anivia wall