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Wyn-The Warrior of the Night

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Wynn is a nimble marksman who'd set up ambush and burst down the enemy before exiting the "crime scene" without being notice. But with the low sustain and squishiness, he could be easily burst down himself. Wynn run on a special mechanic: like many champions: Jayce, Elise, ...Wynn has his ultimate since Lv1. His ult allow him to switch between the gun on his gauntlet to his rifle behind his back, increasing the range but sacrifice a decent amount of his attack speed.

Heath: 423hp (+76) Heath regen: 3.9hp/s (+0,46)
Mana: 184mp (+28) Mana Regen: 5.4mp/s (+o,4)
Range: 570/630 (ranged) Attack damg: 48 (+3.5)
Attack spd: 0.67/0.578 Armour: 14.1 (+3.5)
Magic Resist: 22 (+1) Movement spd: 345


Passive: Silent Warrior
Wynn receive a small amount of movement speed boost (5%) and a decent amount of attack speed (15%) when ever he enter stealth mode

Q: Camouflage. Mana cost: 90 Cooldown: 23/22/21/20/19
Wynn put on a coat of camouflage, hidden from plain sight for 7/7.5/8/8.5/9 sec, the first 3 sec he'll be completely invisible, then Wyn can be revealed within 630 range of true sight.

W: Mine Pad. Mana cost: 40 Cooldown: 14/13.5/13/12.5/12
Wynn throw down a mine pad that explode in an area of 170 range, dealing 30/35/40/45/50 magic damg and apply a 30% slow all unit within the radius of the explosion

E: Rocket dash Mana cost: 30 Cooldown: 6s at all lv
Wynn use his rocket boots to dash toward the direction of the cursor, gain 5% of amour and magic resist and 10% of attack speed for a brief moment. A kill or assist will reset the cooldown, letting Wynn get ready for another dash.

R1: Switch: Rifle Mana cost: non Cooldown: 4s at all lv
Wynn switch from his Gauntlet to his Rifle, increasing the range of the auto attack but sacrifice an amount of attack speed

R2: Switch: Gauntlet
Wynn switch from his Rifle to the Gauntlet gun, the first three auto attack came from his gun are burst in rapid mode.

Hometown: Bandle city

Lore: coming soon. =D

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(didn't edit because i have no idea where's the edit button went =P)


To Wynn, he's not the typical type of kid who like to running along the street and having fun with the others. Wynn is different. He's more like the kind of people that would isolate himself from the outside. He doesn't want to make friend. But ironically, he's a really nice fellow who would come in and help anyone in need. Living in a cabin outside the city, near the woods, Wynn hunt rabbits, birds and sometime even wolves. At the age of 7, he killed a full grown wolf by outsmart the creature, lure it near the setup . But then, he started to moved to Piltover, things started to change, because Wynn live his life from animals he hunted, Piltover isn't the perfect place for him to stay, so he decided to learning the art of stealth. He start to living his life in the Black market area, stealing mugging soon became his profession.
But then, when he travel far away from the city, he was assault by a White Tiger. Luring behind the darkness as Wynn here the roar. Without hesitation, Wynn disguise himself, the camouflage make him nearly invisible from the jungle. But that isn't enough, from the shadow of the night, the tiger leap graciously into the air, the steel slash right through his eyes as blood spattered across the forest's floor. Luckily escape with his life, Wynn turn around and look at the predator with the monotonous eye, the one he was looking at that tiger when he put on the coat. Wynn trained himself the skills, the agility, and the discipline of a warrior. Craft himself a gauntlet and a rifle from the junks that he can find. He start to moving through places: Demacia, Noxus, Ionia,... to find the Tiger that once scar his eyes. Then, he found League of Legend

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Dante Solidad

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how does his mine works. is it like cait, teemo, zigs or nidallee

what im saying is how many can he put at once, the range he can place one and how long it will stay on the map