Who remembers The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald?

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19 Minutes Ago

I recently got my hands on my old VCR collection, and that series was in it.

You'd think it would be ridiculously cheesy, however the quality is surprisingly good aside from some of the animation sequences. The plot is decent enough, the premise is nice, and it's actually still entertaining despite being much older. The voice acting is also spot-on and the dialogue is hilarious at times. The dog, Sunday, at times is probably my favorite character for his lines.

Maybe it's just the nostalgia, however I hold a very high opinion on what seems like just a huge advertisement. There is in fact subliminal advertising that's pretty obvious at times, however it doesn't interfere with the show at all, and actually adds to the world.

There are a few songs per episode, however they're all very quick and catchy. They get stuck in your head very easily. I particularly like the ones from Scared Silly.

I know that almost none of you will know what I'm talking about, however the ones that do, I urge you to remember those days. If you're up for it, the entire series is on Youtube.