How do you carry feeders with Master Yi?

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I seem to be back into the pocket of silver (especially if I duo with silver 1/gold 5) where if I don't gank every lane at least twice in the first 7 minutes, someone will go 0/5 in the first 10 minutes and have half their opponent's cs for the rest of the game.

Pings don't work. Chat doesn't work. Even warding and pinging doesn't work (the enemy jungler can be sitting in the warded brush, and they will either not see them or not care).

The only thing that works is picking Eve and literally ganking nonstop and abusing stealth. But I want to play Yi .

And no, teleport ganks with Yi will not work. I need to be able to 1v1 (or 1v2 safely if the enemy jungler is there) and still be able to escape alive, because my ally in lane is useless. Yi can't do that without items.

I'm so glad I got gold in 3v3 rofl.