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I know promoting the LCS is one of your goals, but I don't think the way you're posing your players is necessarily helping.

In the US, there's still some very negative stereotypes towards pro-gaming and e-sports in general. I think all of us as gamers know many of them, and there's no need for me to write it out here. But one cannot deny that there are some very specific differences between e-sports and traditional sports.

It makes a lot of sense for a professional athlete in a traditional sport to show off their physicality, to adopt aggressive or dynamic body posture and show off their goods, so to speak. Because much of what we see in traditional sports are physical feats.

I'm sure there are many LCS players who are actually quite physically fit. However, their physical fitness is not and should not be the primary focus. What need is there for a pro gamer to cross non-imposing arms over a modest chest, while wearing a scowl that wouldn't intimidate anyone?

It just looks plainly awkward at best, and hilariously unaware at worst. And this feeds into some negative stereotypes of gamers in the USA.

IMHO, you'd be better served marketing these pros with personable portraits. Anyone can take a properly exposed, technically sound picture. But it really takes a special shooter to put a stranger at ease in a situation that many people would find awkward, and really find a way to show off their subjects' personalities and highlight their best qualities in a shot.

TL;DR personable portraits that reflect a pro player's actual personality would be a better marketing move than forcing the players into unbefitting physically imposing poses.