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LeaverBuster Gets Results! More Renovations Planned!

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so if i have to go to the bathroom, and get stuck with stubborn people, i cant, because itll auto afk me, then after 55min the pressure is too high i go peepee then continue the agonizing 75 minute loss.

maybe give people a designated break button that accrues 1 min for each 10 played?

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Originally Posted by RIOTSUXLKS View Post
i actually feel sorry for you, do you honestly believe in half the $hit u just said? god i hope not...but incase you do let me try to wake u the fk up to the fact of how truely clueless and brain dead you are...

1) im not a free loader i pay money for WoW blizzard is a company that even tho from time to time do stupid $hit they still deserve the money they make... RIOT DOES NOT!!

2) riot is making stupid fks like you day in and day out pay money for SKINS!?!?!?! are you that much of a fking rtard to not realize your getting ripped off? especially when a) Riot puts no effort and i mean NO EFFORT into fixing up the worlds worst and i mean WORST example of a match up system and as long as idiots like you continue to kiss their a$$ they will never fix it... b) they keep making heroes instead of fixing their dam shop which is bugged every new patch and still bugged to this day... you really are a mindless zombie that has no thought process at all.

3) Riot seems to think its funny banning people (my friend is one example) for being pissed off at constantly being paired with idiots and with the amount of games he has played ( total of 3 accounts, [one had 100 wins, another had 750+ wins and last one he had, had about 300+ wins]) he still gets rtarded a$$holes on his team and when he goes up to riot sends them countless of screenshots politely (Riot also asked for screenshots) he gets ignored, mistreated and then banned for finally saying enuf is enuf and telling riot to go fk themselves...now im sorry if you think me and my friend and people like us are idiots/trolls/flamers/free-loader or whatever but we don't give 2 fks...

4) riot thinks instead of doing the right thing... that enforcing people to play with utter $hit cun.ts and then when they complain and tell riot to get fk that banning them until the year 2415 is funny.... i don't think this is funny i think its a spit in the face... and my friend gave money to riot aswell and yet they spit in his face...

5) riot is a shameless money scamming piece of $hit company and they deserve every bad thing that happens to them. and i fully and 100000% support any person who has enuf brain power to realize what a low and pathetic and horribly evil company riot is...

6) i don't insult every aka a troll, i'm one of the people that WILL NOT sugar coat the fact your a completely stupid idiotic moron with 0 common sense because you wont be able to handle the truth.... you don't like it? grow a fking brain learn to play (really i learned how to play this on my own without RUINING anyone's stats) and start fking listening to the person saying GET this item or don't do stupid $hit and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GET THIS FKING FACT IN UR HEAD!!! MORBAFIRE GUILDES ARE WRONG ALL GUIDES ARE 99% of the time WRONG!!!!!

use your small brain if you even have one and figure out what items you should be getting ITS NOT FKING HARD!

now please go neck urself your the sole reason why riot does what it does coz they no idiots like you will support them no matter what and they will always have a dumba$$ throwing money their way....

Seriously , Riot , do u guys not care bout this game at so ever, Blizzard are a radio stion and a video blog n **** bout everything they do, plan on doing, what there working on, they read the feedback pages live, THEY ARE A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR company, with MILLIONS of players, why dont u take a page out of there book n stop being a ****ty ass company that is known for just pumping out ****ty imbalanced champs for the first month until u get off ur lazy ass to barely nerf them, also BUFF SWAIN n cass , ****bags

100% agreed