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So i heard all the QQ about twitch

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No offense but you need to get a lot better at this game if you can't dominate with twitch. He doesn't need to be fed to do well, he just has know when to attack in a team battle and how to avoid disables for 3 seconds. The main difference between twitch and other dps heroes is that he deals three times the damage so even if he is disables slightly sooner than the other team's dps, he has already done more damage.


You must not be good because i get raped by twitch all the time didn't bother to read most of your post because i would have read that the point is to not nerf him out of existence instead i am coming to insult you"

But yeah he is pretty strong not arguing just saying hes not broken like lets say umm

Double rockets
Gold Card locking
Yi hitting for more he was supposed to be