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[Champion Concept] Vicis, Lord of the Fallen (WIP)

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Vicis - Lord of the Fallen

Gender: Male
Race: Human (Undead)
Origin: Demacia
Alignment: Lawful Good
Primary: Tank
Secondary: Support
Weapons: Mace and a pale, stone sarcophagus wrapped in chains. (Sarcophagus treated as a shield)
Attack Type: Melee
Resource: Bones/ Morale (Will explain in Passive)

Vicis is a melee tank with some support capabilities who excels at laning. He can use his "Advance" ability to both initiate and buff the move speed of nearby allies, or go on the defensive with "Shield Wall", providing a shield for nearby allies. Once he has his ultimate, "Army of the Fallen", he can summon a squad of skeletal soldiers to fight by his side which interact with his abilities.

981337 (Passive) Gruesome Necessity:
Every time an enemy dies within 1500 units of Vicis he gains stacks of bones (1 for small minions/monsters, 2 for large, 3 for enemy champion), up to a cap of 10/15/20 at levels 1/7/13. For each stack of bones Vicis has he gains bonus life regen/ second equal to 0.1% of his maximum health. If an enemy has not died near Vicis in the past 15 seconds he will lose 2 stacks of bones, then another 15 seconds and another 2 stacks, until he runs out of bones or an enemy dies nearby.

When Vicis' ultimate is running his stacks of bones are replaced with morale, which has a cap of 150/200/250 at levels 6/7/13, and starts 1/2 full (75/100/125). Whenever an enemy dies within 2000 units of Vicis while he is using morale he gains morale (10 for small minion/monster, 15 for large minion/monster, 30 for champion/unique monster ie. Golem, Baron, etc.). Vicis gains life regen/ second equal to 0.2% of his maximum life per 10 points of morale. If Vicis' exceeds the cap on bones/morale through the refund from "Shield Wall" he will lose all health regen "Gruesome Necessity" gives him and it is replaced by DoT in a 600 range AoE to himself, his soldiers, and enemies. This damage is equal to 0.1% of his maximum health per stack of bones above his cap per second, or 0.2% of his maximum health per 10 points of morale above his cap per second.

981338(Q) Advance:
Vicis charges a short distance forward, dealing physical damage to enemies which he passes through. Alternatively it will knock back the first champion hit and deal increased physical damage if "Shield Wall" is active, though still dealing normal damage to minions. Gives a movement speed buff to nearby allies upon casting.

-Type: Skillshot/ Dash
-Damage: 75/105/140/175/205 (+50% AD) and/or 100/130/165/200/230 (+30% AD, +30% armour) to the first champion hit if "Shield Wall" is active.
-Buff Type: Movement Speed
-Buff Value: 7.5%/12%/16.5%/21%/25.5% (+1% per stack of bones consumed) OR 12.5%/17%/21.5%/26%/30.5% if "Army of the Fallen" is active.
-Buff Duration: 3 seconds
-Debuff Type: Knockback (If "Shield Wall" is active)
-Range: 400 for dash,
-Cost: 1/4 stacks of bones rounded up or 30 morale
-Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8
-Target Type: Enemies for damage and knockback, allies and self for speed buff.
-Deals bonus damage and knockback to first enemy champion hit if "Shield Wall" is active, though stops at this champion. Skeleton minions will mimic this ability when Vicis casts it if "Army of the Fallen" is active, each dealing 10%/15%/20% of the damage but not giving a movement speed buff. They will charge in the same direction as Vicis if within 250 range of him, or towards the targeted location if further than this.

981339(W) Shield Wall:
Vicis raises his sarcophagus to protect himself, consuming stacks of bones to provide a shield to nearby allied champions and minions as well as himself for the duration. After the ability expires he is refunded a percentage of the bones/morale equal to the percentage of the shield on himself that was damaged, refunding the cost if the whole shield is expended.

-Type: Aura
-Buff Type: Shield.
-Buff Value: Shield: 90/135/180/225/270 (+15% of max health, +1% per stack of bones consumed) on self OR 110/155/200/245/290 (+22% of max health) if "Army of the Fallen" is active. Allied champions get a shield equal to 50% of this, allied minions get 10/15/20/25/30% of this.
-Duration: 10 seconds
-Radius: 600 or 800 if "Army of the Fallen" is active.
-Cost: 1/3 of bone stacks rounded up or 45 morale
-Cooldown: 20 seconds
-Target Type: Allied champions and minions
-Increases the damage dealt to the first champion hit with "Advance" and knocks them back while active, stopping at that champion. Refunded bones/morale CAN exceed the cap. Using this ability will cause Vicis' soldiers to teleport near him and form into rows on either side.

981341(E) Martial Law:
Vicis declares martial law in an area, leaving the area desolate, dealing magic damage when it is placed, and slowing enemies caught within. If "Army of the Fallen" is active Vicis' soldiers will teleport to the area, attacking nearby enemies, champions being the primary targets. Any slowed enemy they damage while in the AoE will be briefly snared, though this can only happen once per cast.

-Type: Target Placed AoE (think Trundle's Frozen Domain)
-Damage: 70/90/110/130/150 (+75% AD, +5% damage and +5% bonus to AD ratio per stack of bones consumed) OR 94/122/149/176/203 (+105% AD) (Magic Damage)
-Debuff 1 Type: Slow
-Debuff 1 Amount: 20/25/30/35/40% (+2% per stack of bones consumed) OR 34/39/44/49/54% if "Army of the Fallen" is active.
-Debuff 1 Duration: 1 second per stack of bones consumed OR 7 seconds if "Army of the Fallen" is active.
-Debuff 2 Type: Snare
-Debuff 2 Duration: 1 second
-Duration: 10 seconds
-Range: 400
-AoE: 450
-Cost: 1/3 bone stacks rounded up or 55 morale
-Cooldown: 13
-Target Type: Ground
-"Advance can be used after this to damage multiple enemies within the AoE with soldiers, snaring a number of them for 1 second while you or your team close the gap with the speed boost.

981336(R) Army of the Fallen:
Vicis focuses for a period of time, consuming 2 stacks of bones per second, making a skeletal soldier crawl out of the ground near him for every 2 bone stacks consumed. The skeleton is placed between him and the nearest enemy or, if there is an enemy in the AoE, will spawn at the enemy, briefly fearing and attacking them. He continues to do this until either he cancels the channel, it is interrupted, he runs out of bone stacks, or is left with 1 bone stack. He then switches over to morale. The soldiers are wearing mismatched pieces of plate armour, damaged and old, while carrying old swords and shields.

-Type: Channeled/ Toggled-ish? (It's weird like that)
-Debuff Type: Fear
-Debuff Duration: 1/1.5/2 seconds
-Duration: Variable
-Radius: 250
-Cost: Variable # of bones, 5 morale per second
-Cooldown: 170/130/90
-Target Type: Enemy
-Vicis' Soldiers have stats equal to 10/15/20% of his stats. Whenever one of them dies Vicis loses 15 morale. The soldiers have interactions with his "Advance" and "Martial Law" abilities, and are buffed/debuffed by anything which gives an AoE buff/ debuff or buffs/ debuffs minions (ie. Banner of Command, Locket of the Iron Solari, Abyssal Scepter, etc.). If he runs out of morale the ability stops running and any remaining soldiers are destroyed.


-Base Health: 600 (+80/level)
-Base Health Regen: 0 (+0/level) ((To balance off his passive, increase risk-reward, blah blah blah, catchphrases))
-Base Attack Damage: 52 (+3.5/level)
-Base Attack Speed: 0.625 (+2.9%/level)
-Attack Range: 150 (Melee)
-Base Armor: 23 (+2.7/level)
-Magic Resistance: 30 (+1.25/level)
-Movement Speed: 330


-Height: 6'5"
-Physical Build: Bony (Ba-dum, tssssssss). But in all seriousness, he was tall, broad, and strong, at least in life.
-Hair Style and Colour: Barely existant, sort of a brown-ish, greasy, grey.
-Eye Colour: Glass eyes, iris-like areas are pale blue.
-Weapons: Mace and a stone sarcophagus.
-Attire: Suit of old, rusted, Demacian plate armour, gouged, scratched, and louder than an army clad in kitchenware.
-Other: He's undead, so that's something.


-Champion Selection: -"I shall do my duty."
-Movement Quotes: -"I'm amazed they don't hear me coming..."
-"If you think it best."
-"You know, there is such a thing as 'Tactical Positioning'"
-"Patience! These old bones aren't what they used to be."
-"I swear, you'll be the death of me."

-Attacking Quotes: -"They shall become dust."
-"If it is my duty."
-"They shall be crushed!"
-"You command, and I shall conquer."

-Q Use: -"Charge!"
-"Press onward!"
-"Crush them under foot!"
-(If using "Shield Wall" as well)
-"Put on the pressure!"
-"Push them back!"

-W Use: -"Hold the line!"
-"Shields up!"
-"Wall formation!"
-"Shield wall!"
-"Serve and protect!"

-E Use: -"Stand down."
-"I declare martial law."
-"Step aside or be crushed."
-"I will bring order."

-R Use: -"Come my soldiers, your duty calls."
-"Fall in men, it's time we gave them something to fear!"

-Taunts: -Vicis begins to take his sarcophagus off of his arm, sheathing his mace. "Death is light as a feather, duty heavy as a mountain." He lifts the sarcophagus above his head with one hand, raising it up and down as though lifting weights. "I'll take the mountain." He places it back down, drawing his mace and pointing it forward. "You can have the feather."
-(To Sion) Vicis begins to take his sarcophagus off of his arm, sheathing his mace. "Hey, Sion, remember me?" He lifts the sarcophagus above his head with one hand, raising it up and down as though lifting weights. "My last record was a week against you." He places it back down, drawing his mace and pointing it forward. "Let's see how long it'll take you to give up this time."

-Jokes: -A skeletal dog crawls out of the ground. "Hey Fluffy, wanna play catch? Here, fetch!" At this he tosses his mace, his forearm coming off with it. The dog picks up both and returns them. "Good boy!" He pets the dog and it returns to the ground.

-Recall: -Vicis begins whistling the Andy Griffith theme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_xFuWmdhLk), a small skeleton pops out of the ground and they walk off just as the recall ends.

-Dance: -Vicis sets down his sarcophagus. The chains slide off and a skeleton in a ball gown climbs out, all Bride of Frankenstein (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiFfUnimUH4)-like. He offers his hand, which she takes, and they perform a short ballroom dance. If he has soldiers then they will pull out instruments and play music.


"So, you want to hear the tale of how a Demacian came to become one of the very things Demacia despises? All right, I will tell you."

"I'm sure you know the tale of Sion, yes? Well, we lived in a border-town in North-Eastern Demacia. As such, we saw plenty of battle against Noxus, lost many fine soldiers. No small number of those casualties were from that warmonger, Sion. Keep in mind, this was before his "death". He is far stronger now. Anyhow, back to the tale."

"Finally, after years of finding the shredded remains of proud men and women who fought him, we finally captured him. Before his execution we paraded him about the town, humiliated him, jeered at him, did every petty, vindictive, vengeful thing we could think of, short of torture, to him before his execution. So, when those disgusting Noxians stole his remains and revived him, we were his first target."

"He came up to our front gate, alone, and began to chop through it. We knew that we had little time, so we took volunteers to defend the evacuation and got all non-combatants out of there as fast as possible. We were just in time too, because soon as they got out the western gate, he broke through the last bit of the eastern."

"For one week we fought him. Yes, you heard me right, one week. The first surprise was our bones knitting back together after being cleaved in half or losing an arm. Next was the lack of pain. Finally, as our flesh began to rot off of our bones, some of us began to realize what was happening, though not necessarily how. We were dead, but not."

"At the end of that week scouts from both sides of the conflict came. Our colleagues were disgusted, our enemies both amused and intrigued. Under a very temporary banner of truce, the two sides came up with a theory as to what had happened. They believed that the excess necromantic power from Sion's resurrection had caused us to turn undead as we died."

"Personally, I like to think that it was a mixture of that and our dedication to our duty, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. It would definitely explain why, at hearing that the townsfolk had escaped, we felt the mountainous weight of duty lift from our shoulders, and we were finally able to rest."

"Of course though, duty called once more, and I awoke inside my sarcophagus. It had been chained shut, so it took me some time to get out, but I did nonetheless. Undeath has it's perks. I was pleasantly surprised, they had buried us all with full honours. After assessing the situation I determined that I was in a military mausoleum."

"Being a confident and ultimately wise character I did what any animate corpse in the middle of a morally puritanical city would do; I ordered the people whom I could hear outside to let me out or else I would 'be forced to break down this very well-crafted door.' as I put it. They didn't respond. So I broke it. Too bad, it really was a very nice door."

"Seeing that my visage was enough to scare off most bystanders I began to leave. I soon realized that my army had also woken up, and were following me. Knowing that this would most definitely draw the attention of the guards I hurried my pace, but found myself stumbling as I got further from the graveyard, parts of myself turning to dust. I promptly turned back and, after some rather illogical deductions determined that I was somehow bound to the sarcophagus. So I picked it up and carried it with me. Not sure why it worked, but it did, so I'm not complaining."

"So now I'm here, at the Institute of War. I figure, if I was brought back again to do my duty and protect, here is as good a place as any to do it from."

-"The lives of us few for the lives of the many. I'd say it was a fair price." Vicis Mortearma, Lord of the Fallen.

Secondary Skin(s)

Centurion Vicis

-Weapons: Spathea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatha) and Roman Sarcophagus (http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/images/h2/h2_70.1.jpg)
-Attire: Suit of Ancient Roman Lorica Segmentata (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorica_segmentata) and a Centurion's Galea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Helmet_centurion_end_of_second_century.jpg).
-Other: His soldiers are wearing mismatched pieces of lorica segmentata, and are carrying gladii and scutums (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scutum_%28shield%29)

Imperial Guard Vicis

-Weapons: Wields a mace and a large tower shield.
-Attire: Dressed as an Imperial Guard (http://throatoftheworld.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/download-25.jpg) from TES:IV Oblivion
-Other: Unique Dialiogue:
-Use E: -"Stop right there, criminal scum!"
-Attacking: -"Pay the fine, or pay with your blood!"