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Things to never do on these Forums

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Don't do this on champ/skin concepts. Or you will be flamed.

1. Make a champion along the lines of this:
jesus, the epic !!!1!!one1one

jesus is cewl and he carries a weapon and stuff

innate: damage
jesus deals damage to an enemy

ult: trololol
jesus says trololol and kills everyone gg

stats: tanky lol

2. Don't post entirely unrelated things. This is Champ/Skin Concept creation.
Example of what NOT to do:
So Rito, I've been a little annoyed with your VUs lately. I mean, they're really good and all, but shouldn't you guys spend more time making more Teemo skins? By the way, I was put in a match with flamers today, so I thought I'd flame them. Go Diana hole, guys. Oh and btw, my favorite champ is Teemo. He's pretty cute, but haters gonna hate! I mean, sure, I came out 0/20/0 on my last game as Teemo jungle and then AFKed, but I still reported the reasonably angry people on my team.

Edit: All of you people complaining that my post doesn't belong, you just jelly of my score.

3. Don't post horribly direspectful comments... unless the person deserves it. (If a post is similar to anything on this list, they deserve it.)

Original Post: *Insert detailed champion concept here, with a few flaws*
Reply: haha noob this is all wrong. the name sucks the title sucks your name sucks the abilities suck the stats suck. learn some real skill noob! i looked you up on lolking and you're only platinum ii. get on my level feeder. y'know, all of your ideas suck a ton i mean they're all pretty filled in and stuff but still stupid **** SRSLY NOOB DID U RITE THIS WHILE TAKING A **** HAH NOOB GG GTFO FORUMS YOUSTUPIDFEEDERPEOPLELIKEYOUMAKEFORUMSABADPLACEEVENTHOUGHYOUHAVEREALLYAMAZINGCONCEPTARTYOURIDEASTILLSUCKSPEOPLELIKEYOUJUSTSCREWUPLEAGUEYOUFREAKINGNOOOOOB!!1!11!

btw could you pls review my champion concept? *insert link here*

4. Don't copy someone else entirely. If you're not going to come up with something at least SLIGHTLY original, don't come up with anything at all. And before posting a skin idea, LOOK UP IF IT'S ALREADY BEEN THOUGHT OF!
So I've been thinking, isn't Birthday Celebration Fiddlesticks a good idea? If you think so, check out my other ideas:

Martian Heimerdinger
Swimming Lessons Graves
Crying Mechanical Amumu
Wolf flame Ahri

If you like those, check out my champion concept, Creepy Centaur, the Shade of Battle.

5. Last but not least... don't make snobby posts about what not to do, like this.