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Mystery Skin Thread Join Me as We Unveil Our Surprise

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Quest: Safari Caitlynn

So I saw a thread where people would pick a skin that is unattainable at the store and mystery gift to get it, so I thought I would try. Im a horrible ADC but I love Caitlynn and her skins, my favorite is the Safari Caitlynn skin. So far I have made no progress in obtaining the skin but I have strong hopes in getting it soon.

On Mystery Gift 1 I got:
Demolisher Nunu... my friends are like wow lucky you, that skin is awsome, my reaction is "This skin is so ugly -.- I don't even play or like nunu." Hopefully next time i will get something better.

On Mystery Gift 2 I got:
Bilgewater Katarina... my thought was "Well this skin is at least pretty, I dont play kat in ranked but if I ever play normals or bots with her I could defiantly see myself using it."

On Mystery Gift 3 I got: Given by my friend Kren (twitch.tv/krenandmimi)
Arctic Varus... my thought was "Hey look I got the best varus skin availible... to bad I dont know how to play him. O well I will play a normal game with him and see how it goes.

On Mystery Gift 4 I got: Given by my friend Dasharocks (twitch.tv/dasharocks)
Oktoberfest Gragas... My friend Dasha was like eww Im sorry you got an ugly skin, my reaction was "this isnt ugly I love this skin, it is actually on my skin wishlist... time to learn gragas"

On Mystery Gift 5 I got: Given by my friend Dasharocks (twitch.tv/dasharocks)
Guerilla Tristana... My friend was like "ugg another ugly skin sorry you didnt get any cool ones, once again my thoughts were "Are you kidding me I love this skin its another one on my wishlist... now to learn tristana who is FYI my worst champion".

The skin I received from my friends were really great it wasn't my favorite skin on LOL but i was defiantly happy with them. Lucky for me they were on my skin wishlist. All the skins I got were for champions I don't know how to play but since I enjoy bot games I will use them there until I am comfortable enough to play normal's with them. My friends are really great and I am happy to have friends that love to gift and trade with each other.

Hopefully more skins will be traded soon, and I will let you know on the updates.

For those who stop by please feel free to let me know what your favorite skins are. Feel free to also post all the mystery gifts you have gotten recently and your reactions to them I would love to know what everyone thinks of the skins.

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I don't think this really qualifies to fall under the Champion/Skin creation forum, more than it does in General Discussion. Just putting it out there.