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Garrett, the Grandmaster

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Inspiration A champion to rival the armsmaster of the league, Jax.

Design Hybrid fighter, excelling against melee auto attackers and one versus one situations. Mobile champion. Ability required champion. Garrett fights a Yi and Garrett doesn't use abilities, Garretts needs to die. If any of the abilities are missed damage output should be gone for Garrett. Using all abilities to their fullest requires both Atttack damage and Ability power. He is a predator,

Passive - The Weapon's master Garrett obtains additional armor pen and magic pen per BOTH attack damage and ability power combined. Requires less AD as AP. Garrett is a predator, marking his prey with predation and damaging them with his abilities will increase his speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Reason: Garrett should be rewarded for building damage over tankiness, as a DPS fighter this makes sense. Requiring both ability power and attack damage to make use of it, this ensures a true hybrid otherwise resulting in the loss of damage output

Garrett abilities
Q - Bounding Smash Garrett leaps to cursor, damaging targets in an area around him, also slowing them for 2 seconds. Targets caught in the middle of his smash is damaged twice the base amount. This ability should be a low power damage output. Hybrid damage. Applies "Predation Mark" lasting 5 seconds (Tenacity lowers this)

Reason: Allows Garrett to make escapes, as well as give chase to targets. Coupled with a long Cool down and range similar to Zed's shadow, this would make the ability risky to blow at the start of a fight or even in a fight, giving Garrett that chance to kill or escape. armor pen and spell vamp apply.

W - Sundering AssaultArmor pen, lifesteal, spell vamp, and magic pen apply. Garrett empowers his auto attack giving him attack speed per hit as well as a one time bonus AP damage. Each hit refreshes Crippling Assault's cooldown by one second. Allows for possible auto attack reset. Each attack stacks Sundering Assault's attack speed, 8 stacks. Activating Sundering Assault does not reset stacks. Targets marked with predation instantly cooldown this ability and it can be used repeatedly for the duration of predation.

Reason: As a fighter Garrett requires a burst damage of some kind, this is that burst damage. If done correctly burst would be similar to Vi and Jax hits, with a longer cooldown than Empower. Each attack lowering the CD would allow for the utilization of team slows and his Q.

E - Retaliation Armor pen, lifesteal, spell vamp, and magic pen apply. upon taking champion attacks, Retaliation stacks 4 times each increasing the damage by 25%. Able to cast upon first stack. Charges Garrett's auto attack, with the possibility of resetting these debuffs apply. Upon stack 5 Ability changes to Ravage. Targets marked with predation apply a damage increase. All but Ravage apply predation.

Stack 1 - Charges auto attack and degrades targets defence rating by 25% for a time period.
stack 2- Charges auto attack, and degrades targets defence rating by 30% for a time period. Increases damage of ability by 20%.
Stack 3. Charges auto attack, degrades targets defence rating by 35% for a time period. Increases damage of ability by 30%.
Stack 4. Charges Auto attack, degrades targets Defence rating by 40% for a time period. Increases damage of ability by 40% -

Ravage. If target is stunned Garret attacks the target rapidly with four auto attacks(half damage) gaining 8 stacks of Sundering assault. Stack 4 applies. If target is not stunned, stuns target for [levels] .8s/1s/1.3s/1.8s/2s and applies the four auto attacks.
Retaliation should have a very short duration it can be used, with the time frame shortening with each stack. - Ravage does not apply predation

Reason: This is the main "Counter DPS" if you are fighting a fast damage person (ADC, Yi, Jax, Irelia etc) this ability is what is going to save you. If you are not landing all of your abilities, lifesteal and spell vamp will be degraded costing you your life. The idea is to allow a riposte attack similar to Fiora. This and W are crucial for damage, combined they make for some rapid damage on a target. This ability helps with the mobile idea I have in mind.

Ultimate Ability - Disruption

Silences targets around him in a circle for 2/3/4 seconds. Targets caught in the AOE have 25% of armor and magic resist sapped for 25 seconds, this armor is given to Garrett. Targets caught also lose 20% speed, 5% of each champion effected by this loss of speed is given to Garret for 25 seconds. While Disruption is active, Q is not usable.

Reason: This is to help ensure his survival in teamfights, engaging without Disruption would eliminate him of being any help at all. Like most fighters, assassins, and ADC, he will not initiate the fight. He will enter in the middle of the fight, Q and Disrupting his enemies. Caught without it, or botched R, or juked, will ensure his destruction in teamfights. It is more viable the more enemy are around, increasing his 1vmultiple enemies abilities.

HEALTH 400 (+98) ATTACK DAMAGE 52. (+4)
HEALTH REGEN. 7.45 (+0.55) ATTACK SPEED 0.5 (+4%)
MANA 300 (+35) ARMOR 22 (+3.5)
MANA REGEN. 6.4 (+0.7) MAGIC RES. 30 (+1.25)
RANGE 125 (Melee) MOV. SPEED 350


The forces of Noxus and Demacia converged on this cave. They had found something of power. It had decimated them days before, so badly were their numbers slain, a temporary truce of the two forces was formed. With swords drawn and minds steeled, they entered. The destruction that ensued would not be long forgotten. Command posts became silent. Patrols went missing. The path of desolation led to the league of legends.
The masters awaited his arrival at the steps. The cloaked swordsman stood alone. His Robes torn and battered, he stood defiantly before them.
"Here, am I. There is one among you who calls himself the Grandmaster. Here, am I. The Grandmaster."
The doors of Acceptance swung openly at his presence. The true Grandmaster had arrived.

"There are some evils in this world best to be forgotten.
He... is one of them" - Jax

Garrett would not be part of any faction. He would be Rivals with Jax. Probably Riven and Fiora also.


I have not the aptitude for art work, so I will do my best to describe what I have in mind.

Garrett would be a cloaked figure of unknown race. He would carry a sword like unto a katana, however a demonic twisted one. He would be hooded always.

Wearing dark clothing, being tattered and torn with a cape that has seen better days and a deep hood hiding his face in shadow. His sword a two handed weapon.

Skins I have an idea for

Twisted Garrett - Knight in black armor, dented and damaged, with a great sword cracked and ancient.
Dark Garrett - I think there needs to be more pop culture references, so a "Sith" skin seems appropriate.
Kamakura Garrett - (Period in Japanese history) Pretty much a demonic looking samurai with a katana.