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Whisper: Stealer of Secrets [Champion Concept]

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"It pays to listen..."

There are many mysteries in the world of Runterra, dark magics that corrupt and old legends that bring hope. Information, especially in this modern world of negotiations and simmering mistrust, is power. Misinformation doubly so. And few know that better than Whisper, a mysterious figure in Valoren's criminal underworld who could always provide knowledge... for a price, not always in coin.

The hoard of secrets and untold tales in Whisper's grasp slowly grew, and his influence spread from the channels of thieves to merchants to citizens to lowly ministers to politicians... but one day, he made a mistake. The Institute of War found some of their summoning spells being used by outsiders, unchecked by their strict legislature, and tracked the leak of information down to a shady cavern on the Shadow Isles. There, at long last, Whisper was brought to light and revealed for what he was: a massive bat with strange shadow magic.

Yet even in captivity, Whisper had the power of words. He offered his services to the League of Legends in order to avoid execution, in exchange for a few crucial secrets. Furthermore, he brokered a deal in which he would retain access to his information network; what the Institute received in return is something nobody knows. On the fields and off them, he continues his modus operandi; gather secrets and use them for his own power.


On Selection
* "I hear."

* "Ksssssss."
* "Hmmmm."
* "Sound of blades..."
* "Echos of battles..."
* "Dark winds guide me."
* "As expected."
* "That... intrigues."
* "I know."
* *Leather wings beating*

* "I hear your breath."
* "Terror take you."
* "Deaf insect."
* "I know your weakness."

* "I know what you hide."
* "No secrets from Whisper."

* "Da nana nanananana, da nana nanananana..."
* "I swallowed a bug. Delicious."

* "Blind as a bat, yes?"
* "And in the night, they struck."
* "Now you see me..."


Passive: Sonic
Whisper's field of vision is not blocked by walls or trees. Whisper still has a maximum field of vision and cannot automatically detect stealthed or hiding in brush characters.

Q: Stifle
Passive: Whisper stealths after remaining out of combat. Whisper can use any of his other abilities without breaking stealth. Active: When cast on allied champion, the allied champion is stealthed and can use basic attacks without breaking stealth (although using abilities will break stealth). When cast on enemy champion, the enemy champion is unable to use abilities. Both effects are temporary. Whisper cannot self-cast Stifle.

W: Slipstream
Whisper takes to flight, able to phase through/over walls. He leaves behind a trail which will teleport allied champions to wherever he lands. The trail is invisible to enemies.

E: Shadows
Whisper places an invisible and immobile Shadow down, up to a maximum of six Shadows. The Shadow can detect stealthed units. A Shadow explodes and slows enemies down whenever it runs out of time OR whenever Whisper is killed.

R: Secrets
Whisper releases an aura of fog, which hides all allied minions and heroes within it on the enemy minimap. Local vision still operates within the fog.


Health: Midlow, average scaling. 380+80 per level (460 at level one, 1820 at level 18).
Health regen: Highlow, average scaling. 4.5+.5 per level (5 at level 1, 13.5 at level 18).
Mana: Highmid, high scaling. 250+50 per level (300 at level 1, 1150 at level 18).
Mana regen: mid, low scaling. 6.4+.45 per level (6.85 at level 1, 14.5 at level 18).
Range: High. 600.
Attack Damage: midlow, high scaling. 46+3.5 per level (49.5 at level 1, 109 at level 18).
Attack Speed: midhigh, average scaling. .660+2.5% per level (.6765 at level 1, .957 at level 18).
Armor: low, average scaling. 15+3.5 per level (18.5 at level 1, 78 at level 18).
Magic Resist: lowmid, high scaling. 30+1.25 per level (31.25 at level 1, 52.2 at level 18).
Move Speed: midhigh. 350.


Whisper is built around the idea of misinformation and deceit. Every single one of his abilities is tailored to this intent, making sure the enemy never knows quite what he's doing while giving him a tad more info on their own movements. Whisper is very much a support character, but with a dash of Ranged DPS. Ideally, his control of map vision should let his allies counter enemy manuvers before they're even implemented.

The trade-off, of course, is that Whisper is terrible in a direct fight. Two of his abilities--Stifle and Shadows--can cause debuffs on enemies, but do little actual harm. One even requires he die before triggering the debuff! His evasive abilities might get him out of combat, but they are more intended to increase mobility and therefore scouting ability.

Whisper therefore has low health, health regeneration, and armor, although magic resist is more potent. I figured giving him a big pool of mana but only decent regeneration would make for an interesting balance of keeping his abilities open and knowing when to use them. Since his attacks are supposed to be sonic screams, he's got a low damage but high speed for attacks as well as a decent range; his move speed is above average as well.

I haven't quite figured out the mechanical details of his abilities, and would be open to suggestions for mana costs, cooldowns, range, that sort of thing.