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Looking for rune advice

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So i play Sion alot. My basic build im looking for is lower cooldown, mana regen, and ability power.

That way i can pop my shield and stun whenever i want and very often, and still have them do alot of damage.

What do you guys think is the best way to get runes for this? im only level 10 and i dont know much about the rune system really. Finding good primaries for this build doesnt seem to be easy for my red ones.

I took the mana regen for yellow. Cooldown for blue. What would you guys get for red? Ability? Which ones specifically? etc etc

Plus masteries? what do you suggest here? I went with... ah **** i forgot hah. Anyways..looking for any advice anyone can suggest.

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Beegly Boogs

Senior Member


I'd recommend magic pen for your reds. "Mark of Insight"