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33% and endlessly scanning files

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I have the same problem as everybody else on this thread. I have tried all of the fixes but none of them have seemed to work or even change anything. I have tried switching servers but that still doesn't work as the same problem happens on any other server I try to switch to. This is what happens step by step (If it isn't already obvious to Riot what is happening.)
1. I open the LoL Patcher client. (Yes I have tried running as an administrator to fix it but this doesn't work either.)
2. It comes up with a message saying that an error has occurred and has the options 'continue' or 'send logs'. (I have already sent logs.)
3. On top of the loading bar it comes up with: 'Calculating differences/0 Scanning files' with a 33% completion.
The fact that Riot keeps adding skins and champions and not instead focusing on server stability is kind of sad and I hope that they can improve on this for their own sake and for our sake. As for now with no working fix I am unable to play League of Legends and I hope a fix for this comes soon.
- Nic

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Bump, I need help

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Bump, me too.