@Riot: Can we have an official statement on top 500 lists?

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Originally Posted by Malak al Maut View Post
How many times does one need to post we'll all see our Elo once ranked play, no ETA, is done. Are you people that dense?
People don't seem to know how to read or something. All they have to do is read one of the 300 threads regarding this issue on the first page.

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Fact - It's impossible to make everyone happy
Fact - Some players (including some in the top 500) do not want their Elo to be public (this has been expressed to me privately many times
Fact - Normal play is not meant to be competitive, ranked games will be a competitive mode of play
Fact - If normal games were meant to be competitive, we would have made a public ladder & Elo for them
Fact - Ranked games will be competitive, and have a public-facing Elo and ladder