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Your matcmaking is bs!!!

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People who cry about matchmaking are usualy baddies.
It's because they lose a lot.
But to reassure themselves they convince themselves that it's not their fault but matchmaking pairing them with noob or feeder and extentionaly their teammates supposedly being noob or feeder.

You play really bad.
And if you can occasionaly win with dps morgana then you are in noob island.
You must learn to play.

People win unfairly matched games all the time, they just complain about them less. Doesn't mean there isn't a problem.

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I've played +500 games and rarely experienced obvious unfair matchmaking maybe 2 or 3 times.
And If it happens it's the exception not the rule.Maybe it's a player who is usualy good but was tired or bored during this specific game.
And if a probleme there is then everyone has the same probleme.
If you lose because you're paired with noobs then you may win because the other team is 1 pro being paired with 4 noobs as well.

The other fact is that the snowballing of the game make the losing team looks like noobs while they were just snowballed.