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Champion Updates & Refund Requests

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Kotatsu Defense

Junior Member


I can't even refund some champs with the token because I bought them so long ago. Obviously people want refunds on champs that changed and they dislike with the update. I'd even sell some of my champs for 50% IP back easily. The idea that something changes a lot and it becomes an utter waste of IP is incredibly rude, and even more rude when a refund is not given. No duh people will want full free refunds on any champion they have that were murdered from a change.

A set time limit is easy to place so the system cannot be abused for champions that underwent some kind of update.

IP and RP are pretty much a free currency for Riot yet they keep it like a Scrooge bank.

If you're going to change something visually, give options for the older versions or numerous classic skin versions.

A lot of champions get murdered by Riot and it becomes a sad forgotten story. I miss my old Cassiopeia and Xerath. (And I have almost every Cass skin, too and there's more skins than tokens).

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Junior Member


This policy is theft. Plain and simple. I purchase something, and if I've owned it long enough, you can change every aspect of it without reimbursing me.

That is theft of IP and/or RP in a deliberate and highly orchestrated manner, all to save themselves the hassle of having to actually manage a customer support system.

Way to go Riot. You've reinforced the idea that you care only about short-term profits, and to hell with loyal customers or any long-term considerations.

Policies like this make people abandon your products.

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Junior Member


Theft at its best. After the Soraka rework all of her particle effects that were part of the Celestine skin are now removed. Her game play / style of play is completely changed and is essentially a new champion that I don't want to play. Not being able to refund that is wrong