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Leib Olmai

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I would like to request a guide.
I saw in some guide the description and such of word, but not proper guide about this.
I know some poeple are Carry (suck at early, own at end-game)

I actually like to request a guide about role and team synergy.

I know there's this topic (which NEVER have been sticky, kinda sad) :
So there are the "role" :
-Anti-Carry (Not in the post, but saw that alot in some topic)

I mean, the guide help, it's pretty good, but it doesn't covert all the hero, and most likely only give exemple. I know, it could be long and endless giving out on each hero but..

The but is, I've saw alot of poeple on forum talking that some are good iniator, without beeing good tank. And well, what about all those "carry" and "semi-carry" and anti-carry ? Do you really just have to do what your roll can do ? I mean have to be versatile even if your class isn't done to be a pusher, you might push sometimes.

For newbie, all this can be confusing. When you try to stick to your role and other just clash at you since you didn't done "what you role isn't suposed to do". Or let's say you aren't the best class to go mid, but you are the one that have either been assigned or you just go there by pure "I-don't-even-know-there's-better-class-to-go-mid".

I think we should have a guide to help them a bit more. I don't know if there is, since the search work so well, it's hard to find unsticky topic, like the one I linked.

All that to come to another point, the team synergy. What if you end-up beeing a team of let's say... 4 carry ? 5 pusher ? 3 support 2 tank ? Is the synergy that much important ? If you solo queue, poeple will just take the toon they prefer and that's it. So does team synergy could really help the win ? I saw the Janna guide, and there's really good explanation on which is better to be with, and stuff like this. But let's say I play a dps toon.. Most of the time, I got no idea who to team up with.

Alot of poeple don't know that. And will team-up, take whatever character they want and actually, if I'm support and team with a carry guy, most of the time, he won't go farm and jungle.. since he don't even know he's a carry-guy-that-need-to-farm.

So how to deal with that ? With bad synergy ?
I guess we could use some kind of guide to help that out.