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The Sparring Grounds v.2 [Open RP]

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Queen of Focus

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(I promised myself I would post here as Ashe a long, long time ago. Last day to live has given me some priority shuffling.)

Walking in a bit nervously, Ashe had decided to finally at least have presence in the sparring grounds and to see them. She had talked about them with Leona and gained a keen interest in it, it, of course, being with the institute and being far from where she spent much of her time. Wearing her new light armor set she had had specially crafted for scenarios such as this, ones where she'd be a bit up close and personal in comparison to her typical fighting style, she had finally arrived. If it was a sparring ground, fist fights and such would occur commonly, making her want to have some armor that could take a hit, for training purposes as well as being sporty and safe. The atmosphere was thick of that exactly. Most who would come to such a place would be friendly, which is what had drawn Ashe to it. Leona had talked of the wonders of pitting your mettle against a champion off the fields, which, as she knew, was far different than on them. Not particularly looking for anyone to fight on her first time here, she merely observed a currently ongoing fight with regal from beside the stands