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Ranged Champion ADC Eligibility by DPS

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I was looking at item order for some different ADCs by the DPS they provide, and figured I'd just include anyone with enough range to potentially be an ADC. I didn't include any abilities or passives in the calculations, but it should be a decent guide to what a champion can do with their autoattacks in relation to others.

The Spreadsheet (https://sites.google.com/site/sortitus/RangedAutoAttackScaling.xlsx)

The first group is all champions tagged as a Marksman, and the second is anyone who can maintain a ranged attack.

One surprise to me was Nidalee's potential AA damage. Kennen's also surprisingly a top tier autoattacker if built AD, though I think Twitch probably wins the DPS game overall. As expected, Kayle's high base damage scales crazy well with attack speed (especially early game).

If I were really committed to the sheet, I'd probably make it able to calculate against armor and just have toggles for items, but there might even be a site that has this kind of feature already for individual champions, so I'll keep it simple for now. Hopefully this is useful to someone!