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Tips for Syndra Players

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I'm not the greatest player in the world, but I have pretty good theory on how to use my main, Syndra. Here are some tips to help out other people picking up this champ (and maybe even some Syndra mains):

1. Abuse "no cast animations" - Syndra's ability to cast spells (Q, W, and E) has no bearing on her movement or attacking. This lets you do all kinds of fun things such as:

Keep attacking a turret while tossing balls at minions
Move towards a far-away location on the minimap, then drop spells and such while on-the-run
Chase opponents with right-click, and continue to cast spells on them as you chase them
2. E will launch balls to max distance, no matter how close they are to you. In other words, if you are trying to land that max-range stun, you don't have to toss your Q to max range, risking a mis-cast, before using E. Instead, you can just cast it well-within your Q range and E will launch it just as far. I'm sure many Syndra players have experienced the agony of Q->E, only to realize Q never launched because you tried to cast it just outside of cast range. Never do that!

3. Syndra's ult is fire-and-forget, even though it looks channeled. If you get the cast off, it will happen even if you are CC'ed, killed, whatever. This means that you can: Cast just before dying, cast then zhonyas, cast then grab thresh's lantern

4. If a target is invuln to all of syndra's orbs on her ult, the cooldown doesn't start. If even 1 ball does damage, this won't help, but if an opponent is too fast on the zhonyas or the dodge, you can just press R again when they are again a legal target and it will fire off. This comes into play a lot vs. people like Fizz, or anyone with zhonyas, if they activate as soon as syndra "gathers" her balls before firing them for the ult.

5. Q>W and Q>E combos do not require the Q to be 'formed' before grabbing or launching the balls. You can W or E as soon as you have pressed Q and it will affect the orb you are creating.

6. W and E ball-stun both grant vision. E ball-stun vision is buggy, though, so it is not 100% reliable. You can use this to check bushes from a safe distance and over walls.

7. The most damage you can do in a 7-ball ult lead-up is Q,E,Q,W(grab 1st ball),Q,Q,R,W,E. You have to be moving forward so you can grab the first ball after it is used as a stun. If you land everything, and your opponent isn't dead, then you are probably in big trouble.

8. Syndra is actually very strong vs. Leblanc. Save your E for her charge and abuse your range and low cooldown Q. I never ask for a Leblanc ban anymore -- if you E her during her charge, you will cancel her ability and take no damage. Be sure to juke the follow-up tether by moving side-to-side (not away since she will probably cast it directly towards you). If you do it right, you will take minimal damage from just her Q, you won't be silenced, and leblanc will take a full rotation of spell damage from you since you can cast while juking/moving.