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Funeral of Haelion Bastion (Thread RP)

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He had a hard time believing it. When word got to his ears, Nelhs rushed to the funeral to see if anything about it was true. The sights confirmed it. His face looked down, his eyes closed, his heart…sad, like something disappeared from it. Nothing could replace that part. He felt a hand on his shoulder, causing him to look at who it was. The figure with the red, slit-shaped eyes looked at Nelhs with sympathy. Nelhs rubbed his own eyes a bit. One look at the funeral and then to Midgard made Nelhs remember his time with Haelion months ago. Haelion kept his word to Nelhs, and he and Midgard were both grateful for it. Nelhs wanted to find some way to repay him, but there was no way now. That only made Nelhs even more upset.

Nelhs didn’t come wearing his coat, fingerless gloves, and hat like he usually does. Instead, he’s just wearing a black shirt, pants, and shoes. Midgard always has his dark armor on, and he still does now. That’s in Nelhs’ view though. In everyone else’s eyes, Midgard’s just a transparent figure, almost looking like a ghost, unless he and Nelhs allows the person to see what he really looks like.

Seeing the ornamental box, and the people placing gifts, Nelhs got a frustrated look. He was in disbelief about all this that he didn’t think to get something. Looking back at Midgard, who still watches him, Nelhs recalled something else he had. Reaching his hand into his pocket, he pulled out a stone and stared at it. The stone had an incredibly hard shell, but the inside was completely hollow, making the stone look transparent.

Nelhs clutched the stone with both of his hands and closed his eyes. After some time, the hands gave out a faint white glow, moving inside the stone until there was enough. Nelhs was surprised at the time it took, but then realized that it was because of the area weakening the magic. Nelhs pulled out another stone and handed it to Midgard, who knew what Nelhs was going to ask. He took the stone in his black, scaly hands and began to infuse it with his own power.

One stone had Nelhs’ Light, the other had Midgard’s Darkness. They both walked toward the ornamental box and placed the two stones inside, both together. Nelhs gave a bow, Midgard did the same, then they walked toward an empty bench. Nelhs was the only person sitting on it, staring at the ribbon wrapped around his right arm. Midgard placed his hand on Nelhs shoulder, watching the ribbon wrapped around his wrist. Both were completely silent.

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From a copse at the side of the road, a man emerged wearing robes that were brown at the bottom, green at the top. In the middle, each color split and merged with the other, blending together in a still, but endless cycle. Over this, he wore a cloak that appeared to be made of moss, his typical black and purple absent.

Entering the shrine, Cryypter (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/177) took in the scene: the guests, the pillar, the bamboo, and finally the headstone. Affixing the band to his arm, he moved in front of the grave and knelt. Taking a handful of dirt, he placed some of it in the box, and the rest he sprinkled over his head. In the dirt in the box, he placed several seeds from the Nightbloom, a flower which opens at night and glows with a soft white light. As he planted the seeds he spoke, quietly and softly. "Just as this flower shines in the dark of night, so you shone against the darkness of the Void." He then stood and moved to an empty seat.

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An owl approached the ceremony, flying down and gracefully landing, as a man. Nite was wearing a formal emerald robe, silk ribbon draped over his shoulder. He approached the memorial and gently dropped to a knee, "You were a great force for balance in this world, you will be sorely missed Haelion," He said quietly. He waved his hand in a circle and with a green glow a wreath of flowers appeared. With tears in his eyes, he turns and takes a seat behind Motas.

I can't believe he's really gone this time...

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Mirabel arrived at the site, floating steadily. She was wearing a simple, unadorned black dress, a silk ribbon on her chest.

She landed, choosing to walk barefoot to the grave. Kneeling in front of it, she muttered a promise.

"You will not be forgotten, Haelion. Time will was over your monument, but your memory shall persist, intact. Until the end of Runeterra. I will remember you."

She deposited her homage in the box carefully. It was a sphere of pure crystal, with a silver re-creation of a peaceful Ionian dale in it. It was alive, the miniature trees shaking to an unseen wind, and animals running peacefully. Seasons changed, days and nights alternated themselves steadily in the orb.

"May your spirit rest in peace, Haelion"

She lifted herself up, shedding a single tear, and slowly walked to her place, standing still there, an undecipherable expression on her face.

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Areia Polias




He reached up and touched Abigail's hand lightly and adressed her with a comforting and friendly tone in a voice a lot less squeaky than one would expect of a yordle.
"Feel no shame child, for you brought a parting gift of your own, even if you didn't know."

With that, he made a gesture into the air and a single one of her tears stopped in midair as it fell towards the ground, and hovered over above the Yordle's now open palm where a crystalline structure that looked more like solidified air than anything formed around the hovering tear. The entire thing laid itself to rest in the shaman's palm. As soon as it had fully formed, he pressed it gently but with a hint of insistence into Abigail's hand.

Then the creature walked slowly towards the box, limping heavily on the right leg in spite of supporting himself with the walking stick. All in all, the progress was extremely slow, but he maintained his composure and dignity nevertheless. As he reached it, he reached into his clothes and drew forth three flawless, but empty, beetle shells and placed them into the box carefully as if they were the most valuable and delicate objects in all of Valoran while he spoke softly. "Even the Ionian soil mourns your passing, yes it does. Sordes Swampwalker has been sent to represent it."

"Thank-you," Abigail whispered, as she looked down through her tears at the gift the strange Yordle had left. Her face brightened slightly as she realized what she was supposed to do. The line was thinning as was the procession of guests. Blushing slightly at her own antics, Abigail walked to the box and solemnly laid her tear inside. With that, she returned to her place beside Kios and Triton.


Seeing Kios he walked over to Him. "Master I'm sorry, I have nothing to give." says Narenth hanging His head.

Kios looked at Narenth, placing a hand on his student's shoulder. "Do not be ashamed, Narenth. You have given the gift of your time and your heart. Haelion knows that. His spirit will not begrudge your humility."

Kios had had this exact same talk with Abigail on their long trip to Ionia. He hoped that the angel would listen better than his Lieutenant did; or that a kindly Yordle shaman would show them that their mourning was gift enough. He nodded solemnly to Sordes as he took his seat, grateful for the stranger's kindness and wisdom.

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As everyone became seated, the proud Shakkah'Haru stepped forward in front of the memorial, looking out to the audience. It was apparent that the proud Monk had been crying these last few weeks, but he didn't dare show it to those he wished to make proud. He looks to The Captain, The Captain giving a short nod back to him. With a clearing of his throat, and with his eyes looking to the crowd peacefully, he begins to speak.

"To those that are here.. We all know the great sacrifices and acts that Haelion committed in his time with us.. His attitude at life.. And even his stubbornness to be the one to save the world. We all know the words he spoke to us.. The calming words that nudged us to have hope.. The calming words that made us want to be better. He was an example of a true warrior, an example of a true courage, an example of being a defender."

Takes a moment to breath, as tears began to stroll down his eyes. He looks over at the Ionu clan,
giving them a nod of encouragement as he continues.

"My friends of the Ionu clan, Haelion was your blood. Back in the first days of this Providence, Haelion was there, displaying the needs and wants of this clan. He was our clan leader, he was the FIRST clan leader of the proud Ionu. But, he outlived his time that he was meant to be here, and he understood that. So, he left. I am sorry that you have all been lied to all these years.. Your true clan leader was Koragon Haelious Ionu."

Looks to the rest of the growing crowd, this time allowing himself to expose the weakness in his heart. The obvious pain and suffering he has kept bottled up inside.

"To those who were once enemies with Haelion and fought against him, we all understand the reason you are here now. Whether it is to writhe in the juices of your ultimate victory over this man who may have defeated you, or it is to see those who loved him suffer... I do not feel this is why you are here. I sense respect.. And only respect. By some form or another, this foe brought an ominous respect to you, and you do not understand it. What was it that drew you here? Do you see now... Do you see why he is so special to us?"

Shakkah wiped away at his tears, continuing his speech.

"And for those who were his companions, I request only one thing from you that Haelion would have wished. I want all of you to think deeply, focus everything on this one single thought. What lesson was Haelion trying to teach you? What was it that Haelion was trying to show you through his sacrifices and his trials? What was it that drove him? What was it that made him be everything he was meant to be?"

With a final breath, Shakkah reached into his robe, pulling out an envelope. He looked to the crowd, smiling.

"My friends, here in my hand, I have a few words from Haelion. He gave this to me the day before his death, telling me to speak to you.. To speak to you from my heart, to speak EVERYTHING that came to my mind, and to not be afraid. He told me before I end my speech, I need to read this letter."

With a flick of his hand, he tears the envelop open. With calm eyes, he looks to the paper, reading it word for word...

"My friends... My family... My foes... I wish for you to not be afraid of my death, to not cry, to not mourn and be sick and be frail. My death was to come, as it always has, and I cannot let you relish this loss through pain, for it is only in good cause that my death comes. All of you hold something in you, something dear and true, something that makes you stronger then the rest of the Runeterrans. My death... Comes at the gain of YOUR strength. My only hope is this.. In my fading, that each of you will stand up and rise to do what you must do. I hope that all of you will refuse to be afraid, that all of you will rise to the challenge, that ALL of you will become what you are meant to be! I ask.. For me.. That you do this. For nothing in this world can stop you, unless you stop yourself.

Shakkah bows his head to the crowd before speaking again.

"To those of you affiliated with Haelion, whether it is by foe or friend, I give you a massive amount of respect.. For we were all gifted by one way or another by his deep presence. Thank you.. All of you.. For coming to show your respect to this great man. Koragon Haelious Ionu... Or Haelion Bastion... Or husband... Or greatest friend.. Or even greatest foe.. You shall never... Be forgotten."

With that, Shakkah walks away from the stand, wiping at his tears. He looks to The Captain, giving him a nod of confidence. The Captain then walks to the front of the Memorial, motioning to a few of his crew members in the back. When they come out, two sets of the crew members are carrying two massive chests. They set them in front of The Captain, giving a short nod before heading back into the crowd. The Captain looks to the people, speaking in a broken tone.

"I, Captain William "The Bladed Tempest, and good friend to Haelion Bastion, am 'ere to carry out the last will and testament of 'Aelion Bastion."

Captain William pulls out a paper in his old armor, looking to it slowly. He looks to the crowd as he reads.

"As I have all told you before, each of you has something immensely special inside of you. For each of you, I crafted an item that would help you bring out this immense gift you have inside of you."

"For you, Pern, you have already received your gift from me, thanks to the proud Captain, but there is more. You will find your gift after the ceremony in the Ionu fields, ask Shakkah'Haru to lead you there."

"For you Varroq, you have also already received a gift from me, but there is one other thing for you. For you I have made you what I like to call the "Dragon Flame" bracelet. This bracelet has been augmented by your mental process to shoot flames from your hands at will when you punch. I hope this will help you incinerate the darkness that you have setting inside of you my friend.

(After each material item is given out, assume that a crew lacky goes to the chest and hands the item to the designated person.)

"For you Calvorn, I give to you something uniquely special. It is called Disraeness Loocatos, otherwise known as the Locket of Desires. Inside this locket will be a picture of any person you wish to see, of a single moment you remember in your life where happiness was. Hold on to this locket and see the light through your darkness."

"Chipper, my gift to you is simple, but I think you will find it... Special. A leaf, special in its own way. This white shining leaf will destroy any dark beings that stand in your path, for they will be shunned by its white brilliance. Always remember to look to this light when you do not know where you are, or even who you are... For it will always guide you."

"Yvainne, although I was not able to get to truly know you, Raikou has told me immensely of you. In truth, he is quite fond of you. For you, I give you a staff made from the bamboo groves of Ionu Providence. May this staff destroy those who you deem unlawful, for you will always know who is truly an enemy, and who is truly a foe. I promise you that what happened in your past was not your fault... May this bamboo staff prove to you that we all have demons we must defeat, and this will help you defeat yours.

"Deadeye, for you I have something personally special to me. Even with blind eyes, I know that you see things that others couldn't possibly fathom to understand.. So for you I made you something that augments this uniqueness of you. It is called the Eye of Truth.. It will allow you to peer into someones true intention just by looking at them... Always hold this by your side."

"Draken Frosthand, for you I have something you would not expect. Contained inside is a Black Leaf, the leaf of the being known as Haze, my enemy and the one who defeated me. It is for you to always keep. Know this Draken, even as my foe.. I had nothing but respect for your strength. Your cause is true.. And you wish to see it through."

"For you Dom Zhen-Ex, I give you the Ionu Dagger, a blade forged in the deep chambers of the Ionu Providence. This dagger has the ability to pierce not only flesh of your foes, but it also causes immense damage to their mind. I feel you will use this dagger for a good cause my Ionian Brother."

"For you Necromonger and Vermillion, I give you a scroll of knowledge, a legendary item that I discovered in my travels in the Rune War. This scroll will give you any form of knowledge that you wish to have, whether it is the truth of a missing brother or perhaps even a powerful spell. Use this scroll wisely, for it only has one use."

"For Kios, Triton, and Abigail, I have something for each of you. Kios, you will receive all of my troops stationed in Icathia as well as my old Rune War armor. I hope that you will use this in your travels and that my armor serves as a Bastion to your foes. For Triton, I give you the Horn of The Dragon, this mighty horn when blown into sounds out in the distance around you as a dragons mighty roar, use this to lead you into battle and strike fear into your foolish foes. And for you Abigail, I give you a new Saber. This Saber will serve you well as it is not only extremely light, but it strikes and stings with immense strength."

"For Khay, the wife of Pern, I give you a special item. In my travels in the Elemental Planes, I came across an extremely vicious Phoenix. I battled with this majestic beast for hours until I finally defeated it. When it fell, it's body shrived into a massive fiery egg. I give you this phoenix egg, for it burns brightly like the fire in your ever beating soul."

"For Unasetra, I give to you a scroll of knowledge. Use this scroll to conquer the many demons I know that you have inside of you.. And always remember that you have friends at your side that will always be there for you."

"For Kazhel Darkflare, I give to you my Magi Gloves. These gloves will augment your spells, but they do not only allow this. With these gloves, you will be able to read the ancient magic language of Dragons, something highly excepted in the Draconic like nation of Demacia. Always remember.. You WILL conquer your demons."

"To Motas, the Soulfire Knight.. I give to you my old sword of the Rune War days. This blade is quick and very powerful.. Augmented with the highest amount of care and the hardest Dragon Steel. May this highly known legendary blade of the Rune Wars serve you well.. For this is "Bastion's Keeper".

"For Nin-aj, I give to you a simple item. Deep in the runes of Icathia, I had found your clansmen. They are there, waiting for you. They have been protected by my men for these past weeks, and I have made sure that all of them were stripped of any form of a Void Taint. They are yours to have and to protect.."

"To Rafeo and Narenth, I give to you both dragon hearts. Rafeo's dragon heart was that of an odd elemental dragon known as "Kazah". This beast used it's furious arsenal of Fire and Ice magic at it's disposal, extremely fierce in its defense against me. After a long battle, I finally defeated it. But, it's drive reminded me of you. For Narenth, I fought the Silver Dragon known as "Jaal". This Dragon was impenetrable by all means, and he took hours to finally defeat. I see the strong resolve you have inside of you Narenth. Do not be afraid to do what you feel is right."

"For Munchlord, and to those he is affiliated with, I give you the Ethereas Gem, a relic of immense power. This gem allows you to become ethereal at any time you wish and to dwell in the realm of the spirits. I hope to see you in this vast ream Munchlord, for you are a very powerful summoner and ally."

"For Nehls and Midgard, I give to you the Hexdranae Rifle, Or Dragon Spitter. This powerful prototype is was made by a group of mages I worked with deep underground. This rifle has the ability to shoot fireballs in a bursts of three, the ammo refueling itself. Use this for your causes Nehls.. For you helped me with mine."

"For Cryypter, I give you a simple vial. This vial may look to be nothing, but if the contents are consumed, it provides you with the memories desired by the mage. For those of you who know of this spell, you know of its potential. Inside this single vial contains all the knowledge that I personally know of the Void. Use this to serve as the ultimate defense against the Void threat."

"For Caroline, I give to you my personal flute. This flute was made in memory of you after are travels, and I hope it serves you will. Made from dragon bone of the siren dragon, "Mesphist", I hope you will hold on to this in memory of me, and what I hoped to try and teach you."

"To Nite, Druid of the Kinkou, I give to you a formal invitation into the Ionu clan. I know you serve a higher purpose with the Kinkou, but I feel that you are truly an Ionu by blood. You deserve to be with those who understand your cause. The Kinkou will not be mad at your joining, as well as the Ionu will not be mad at your denial of this invitation."

"To Scarr, the Blood Letting Zealot.. I give to you the information of the multiple camps in Valoran of those who experimented on you. May you use this information to exact your revenge, as well as use this revenge for those who are dead and unable to do so. Remember, you are strong.. And you should never let your past defeat you. You are human.. Always remember that. And you are never alone."

"And to Kasmiria, the woman I love, I leave you one last gift. In my personal chambers in the Ionu Providence you will find your gift."

The Captain looks up at the crowd, clearing his throat before speaking again.

"Remember this... I love all of you, whether you hate me or you love me back."

The Captain nods, taking a step back.
"I 'ope all of ye take these gifts well."

Scarr looks to the layout of the plans given by Haelion... Only to burst into tears. He falls down to his seat, looking in awe at this wonderful gift. In a slightly loud voice, he speaks out.

"I-I don't understand..."

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I hesitate on taking the dagger handed to me. As a monk, I couldn't even dream of hurting someone, much less to attack their minds. "But Haelion felt like I might need this... so be it, we shall see what destiny has prepared for me." With that thought, I take the dagger, and tie it to my waist alongside the Tyroni Blade.

I bow in front of the ritual place and take a few step back. I still don't feel the need to talk.

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A bracelet that shoots flames? Interesting...

Varroq sat in between Yuu and Xanxus, arms folded across his chest. He was done praying. Haelion had been a good man for a long, long time. Varroq had no doubt that the Vault would welcome him with open arms.

Death is not the end, but a gateway to the next stage of existence. While it is prudent to pray that the dead arrive at their destination safely, at a certain point emotional self-mutilation becomes not a prayer for the dead, but an excuse for depression. Such a selfish act brings only shame to the departed's memory, in Varroq's opinion.

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As the gloves were handed to Kahzel, he felt many things. Atfirst, that an enormous power was brought ho him, and not only that, he had the doors to ancient knowledge awaiting for him. Masybe finally he ould find te secrets of his long lost tribe, where did the warlocks go after the Rune Wars ended, maybe something about his family... everything was for him, as the language of the Dragons hide secrets known to few men. Then, he felt in debt, he didn't know Haelion much, at a start, he judged him by Antheon's words, but he still was kind to him. After the last words were spoken, he couldn't avoid leaking a tear or two. Surpsisingly to him, Haelion knew about the curse.

"Thanks Haelion, i will not dissapoint you." He spoke to himself, as Dacaltior put one of his hands in Kahzel's shoulder.

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Nite approaches Shakkah'Haru and holds out a hand in greeting, "Hi, my name is Nite, I journeyed with Haelion across Runeterra for months and came to know, respect and even love the man. I hear you're the new leader of the Ionu clan and would like to accept Haelion's offer of membership,"