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Nerf Braum

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Khaotic Neutral

Junior Member


Nice job Riot for creating Yasou's wind wall and now let's put it on a champion that tanks and not only THAT, but give him movement speed when he's blocking.

Seriously Riot what the hell are you smoking that gives you good of an idea!?

As well as he can inflict his own passive giving him an advantage in top or bot lane.

Right now in Rank he's the number 1 ban cause of you Riot so now we have to deal with a support that can steam role through lane!

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Senior Member


I agree his shield's over the top, but I couldn't help but almost fall out of my chair from reading "he can inflict his own passive".

Let's read that back..

he can inflict his own passive

Yes, I would imagine he can inflict his own passive, hence it not being someone else's passive.