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[Guide] Heavy tank/support/chaser/towerdiver Singed

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This build is unorthodox for Singed, but has given me some pretty neat results. And, of course, I don’t mean it to be the best build, but at least its original.

INTRODUCTION (general gameplay)

This is a “heavy tank” build so most of your worries will be about survivability, which means getting enough HP, armor and MR.

In general the job of a support tank is to maintain your squishy teammates alive and fed. That’s a good difference with most Singed builds; you’re not aiming to make kills, just assists. Using your abilities well you can save your teammates asses pretty well. Don’t get pissed if you die, it’s better you than the DPS with Bloodthirster or the mage with Mejai’s.

We will focus on speed and good use of fling for not allowing any enemy champ to escape from getting killed.

Mid game we will do some serious tower takedowns moving a horde of minions forward and diving right into it even with 2 enemies champs focusing on you. If you get a physical DPS with you we can take 2 or even 3 towers before the other team even know what hit them.

ABILITIES (and strategic use of them)

Poison Trail - Leaves a trail of poison behind Singed, dealing damage to enemies caught in the path.
Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22/34/46/58/70 (+0.3) magic damage per second.
Cost: 13 Mana per Second; Range: 20.

This will be our main ability but’s hard to master because can be really mana exhausting. A thing you have to know is that the gas poisons the enemy (minion or champ) and even if it leaves the gas cloud will still be poisoned. Being more time on the cloud don make extra damage (it can poison again though). This is important to have it in mind mainly for mana efficiency. Early game you have to make short sprays of gas on the lane for poisoning, retreat and wait till poison stops and then go back and spray again. This way you won’t run out of mana, considering that in early game it harass, but doesn’t make much damage.

Let’s see some good uses of this ability.

a) Minion extermination: Early game go and make short sprays on minions and wait for the autoattack to last hit, this will get you some good money. Mid game you can siege the enemy tower by interrupting their minions and debilitating them when they engage with yours. That way the minions go fresh to enemy tower and make some damage. Believe it or not I’ve taken 2/3 of a tower HP this way on solo laning, not hitting it one time. Late game you can get a band of minions going ahead and simply killing all of the enemy minions before, so when you get to the enemy tower you have a great army and go for the dive. When diving and the enemy minions are coming, go ahead and poison then before they engage with yours at tower, that way new fresh minions come to help you taking it down.

b) Harassing: Go and spray the lane and poison the enemies. Be careful with CC enemies on early game though.

c) Saving friendly champs: When an ally is being attack close to you, go and get between them and run along (you can use the glue here also) so the enemies receive damage in the pursuit.

d) Escaping: when being chased open the gas and run. If you´re healthy enough don get away, wait for the chaser and make it go into the gas to lose some heath. You can even wait till the right time and go back and become the chaser hitting the other abilities.

e) Defending: Just spray the entrance of the tower to keep enemies controlled.

Mega Adhesive
- Throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground, slowing enemies who walk on it.
Leaves a sticky area on the ground for 5 seconds, slowing enemies in the area by 35/45/55/65/75% (lasts 1 second after leaving).
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana; Range: 1000.

I have to say I’m not a great fan of this. It is great mainly to save allies. When you see someone being chased, get the glue on the path and get in the way with the poison. It has a great range also, so can be used to gank from the bushes too. Finally, it’s useful for chasing in the jungle, but not in a straight lane run.

Fling - Damages target enemy unit and flings them into the air behind Singed.
Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+1) magic damage.
Cost: 100/110/120/130/140 Mana; Range: 100.

This ability is simply great for tactic play. It makes it hard to use though. It also has many uses and the damage it’s pretty descent (remember this is not an AP build, there’s some awesome AP Singed that can get amazing damage out of this). The most damage you get at early-mid game, on late game it’s simply tactic.

The thing about fling is that it tosses the target right behind you, so positioning before flinging is the most important thing to master. If you don’t get it right you can toss the enemy besides an ally and get it killed or even save an enemy taking it away from danger.

You’ll use fling for:

Early game:

a) Assist: You can literally serve the enemy in silver plate to your DPS or CC lanemate and give it a good kill. Remember to turn poison on and immediately autoattack hoping for a crit. to happen. At the start if you get to position on the enemy side of the bushes you can get easily a first kill to your lanemate.

b) Towerkill: When being sieged you can bait a little the enemies by spraying the minions. When they think they will kill you, instead of going back turn around and fling it to the tower. On starup they get 2 strikes of the tower, add the fling, poison and a crit. and you got yourself a kill. If there’s a lanemate with you even better.

c) Taking them out of safe: pretty much the opposite of the previous one. I they’re towerhugging go and bait them out a little. If they are a little out fling them completely out to your lanemate’s mercy and get out hopping not to get more than 1 strike of tower.

Whole game

d) Saving an ally: when an ally is being attacked you can get the enemy off it’s back by a fling. Then run with the ally leaving the poison to make the enemy go away or even keep hitting it if you think you can get the kill.

e) Chasing: When going after an enemy you will most likely be the first to get to it. Fling the enemy back into the poison and, most of the times, into your teammates.

f) Initiating: We have the two teams facing each other waiting for the teambattle to begin. Start the insanity potion and the ghost and go right to their squishy DPS/mage, Fling it into your team for an easy kill and start the battle in a 4v5 situation.

g) Stop Channeling: This is really fun. With a fling you stop the channeling of very annoying spells. Some of them are Nunu’s ultimate and Fiddlesticks’s drain. Go right to them and fling them. In the latter (fidds) you can even get yourself a kill or assist.

Insanity Potion (ultimate)
- Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him increased combat stats.
Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35/50/65 Attack Damage, Attack Speed %, Ability Power, Armor, Movement Speed, and Health and Mana Regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.
Cost: 150/150/150 Mana; Range: 20.

This will make you the fastest, strongest and toughest champ on the game for long 25 seconds. The only thing to master here is when to activate it. To take the most of it, activate before going less than 2/3 HP. If you’re weak it won’t make much of a difference but can really save you from a dead. Also activate before engaging into battle to make the most of the use of the bonuses. Also be aware of the sound as it will tell you when is about to en and get out of danger before it happens.

The main uses:

a) Tower diving: in mid game you can do some serious damage to a tower with this. Wait till the tank minion come to the tower and try to seriously damage to their minions. As soon as they take a tower strike activate and go hit the tower. Forget about the enemy champ and focus the tower. Also remember to turn poison off as it will make the tower focus you. Take on account your minions, get out when there’s 1 left (2 if the enemy have CC) and the duration of the potion.

b) Tanking the tower: Go with a good DPS on mid-game or even alone on lategame and take the tower damage while on potion to take it down. This can get your team a great backdoor action.

c) Chasing: Yes, again. It gives a good speed boost and along with ghost you will run like the wind.

d) Being immortal: Late game with the proper item build you will simply be immortal while in potion.

Empowered Bulwark (passive)
- Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has.
Not much of a help on this build. I don’t think it ads much to this champ, considering it starts with lower health than most tanks. It doesn’t really matter for this particular guide.

Ability Build

For most games this is the build I propose

01 Fling
02 Poison Trail
03 Mega Adhesive
04 Poison Trail
05 Poison Trail
06 Insanity Potion
07 Poison Trail
08 Fling
09 Poison Trail
10 Fling
11 Insanity Potion
12 Fling
13 Fling
14 Mega Adhesive
15 Mega Adhesive
16 Insanity Potion
17 Mega Adhesive
18 Mega Adhesive

But in some situations is necessary to level up the glue at same ratio as fling, mostly when you get an ally that needs a lot of saving or a jungler very good to ganking. On the other hand, if there’s not saving needed maybe skipping the glue might be the option to do more damage and assist your lanemate killing some more.


Marks: Greater Mark of Malice +0.93% critical chance = 8.37%crit chance
Not having any real rune for our build, this crit chance will give us the possibility of getting an early game kill or assist. After all, ¿who would think that singed can hit 100 dmg onf 1st level? That being said you could do a fling and 3 hits hopping one of them being a crit. and get the enemy ready for your ally to get the kill.

Seal: Greater Seal of Resilience +1.41 armor = 12.69 armor
Simply heavy tank build.

Glyph: Greater Glyph of Warding +1.49 magic resist = 12.69 MR

Quint: Greater Quintessence of Swiftness +1.5% movement speed = 4.5% MS
This will make the difference in the chase. When you add the items and spells you will be the fastest champ in game.

Basically: 3/21/6

3/3 Deadliness: 2% critical chance

3/3 Resistance: 6 MR
3/3 Hardiness: 6 Armor
4/4 Evasion: 2% dodge
3/3 Harden Skin: Blocks 2 physical damage
4/4 Veteran’s Scars: 60HP
3/3 Ardor: 4% AP & attack speed at lvl18
1/1 Tenacity: Decreases all damage dealt to your champion by 4%

3/3 perseverance: 4% health & mana regen.
1/1 Haste: increases ghost spell strength.
2/4 awareness: 2.5% more experience.

As you can see, this is a heavy tank mastery build. The only thing to notice is the extra 2% on crit chance, to boost what is explained on the rune build. Those 2 points on awareness can be used on whatever you want, don make really a difference but is the best there is.


Ghost: As you could guess, this is the basic for chasing. No one would ever get away from you with ghost on. Another cool thing about ghost is getting trough minions. This can also be used to trap an enemy champ: wait till there’s a crowd of minions between you and them, hit ghost, run and fling. The enemy suddenly is surrounded by minions, cant get away and can easily be killed by your DPS teammate.

Teleport: Singed have a pretty good defending skills. Is one of the most effective minion horde control so when your tower is getting backdoored by minions (get real, it happens to everyone) you just TP there and control the situation. The same applies for a hero BD, when they see the TP they mostly run immediately.

In the other hand, is great for backdoor yourself. If every champ is in a lane push but you hit a hole team defense, check the map for an advanced horde of minions, tp there and get to the tower. In best case you manage to take down the tower. If not, at least you take the attention of 1 or even 2 champ there opening their defense for your teammates. Remember you have easy getaways so is not that risky for you going alone, just be smart and get the hell out before getting ganked.

Also its great to save your teammates life. You can TP to a Teemo mushroom or a vision ward. If you see an ally champ escaping, TP there and save them. Remember that your dead is always preferable to a hero with stacks, also you get much better chances to get away than most other champs. BUT BE SMART, if your ally is lost against 5 enemies, don’t go die there: 1 dead is always better than 2.
Finally, early game can make you go back to shop in just a few seconds. Bluepill back, while channeling decide what to buy, be fast and TP back to the tower.


Here is where I get unorthodox. I hope this will open some good discussions. You have 4 moment to think your build: When you meet your teammates, when you meet the enemy team, when you meet your lane enemies and the rest of the game. Always be prepared to change the build according to the game outcome, even to how your teammates are doing. Lets brake it up

“Base items”
: Philosopher’s stone, Boots of swiftness and Warmog’s Armor:

[WHAT!! Not a Rod of Ages!!??] Seriously, NOT. As I was saying before, this is a heavy tank build. We won’t be getting AP so it is not important for us, let the others do the damage, we want HP and resistance. Counting our passive, RoA gives us 811.25HP for 3035 while Warmogs gives 1370 for the same 3000. Mid game we will be killing minions like mad so getting it to max out won’t be a problem, and remember stacks aren’t lost so dying won’t be a problem. Even more, early game you could spend 1325 on 371.25HP of the Catalist while is better investing 1110 for 430HP of Giant’s Belt.

Back to our build, Philosopher’s will give us survivability and mana regen to stay in fight long time early game, and can be turned into a Shurelya’s Reverie or be sold late game to meet your needs.

Boots of swiftness, I hope you already guessed and agree with me, are for chasing enemies.

How to get them:
On startup: get Regrowth Pendant (435) and a Mana Pot. This allows you to go and try get a first kill for your lanemate, retreat a while and get in battle again. If the enemies are harassing try always to be the target leaving your lanemate healthy to get a kill, Reg Pendant will keep you alive. With initial mana you get 2 or 3 flings and a few spays of poison. Gen your getting on the last third of mana active the potion for never running out of it. Finally, when you run out of mana go back to buy. You should never go back with less than 400, hopefully much more. Now bluepill to base and REMEMBER telling your lanemate you’ll BRB.

1st buy: Finish Philosopher’s (365). If you have enough money buy (in order of priority) a)Giants Belt(1110), b)Ruby Crystal(475) or c)Boots of Speed (350). Also spend the remaining money on pots. An Elixir of Fortitude (250) is great idea if you didn’t got the Belt, other than that get a ratio of 2:1 on Helth:Mana pots.

2nd and until finishing base items: You don’t need more than Boots of Speed until finishing Warmog’s, when you get the armor, then finish the Boots of swiftness. Come back every time you run out of potions. Mid game you’ll notice Mana pots aren’t needed anymore but having some Health potions are always a good idea.

“Specialized Items”: Now it’s time to chose according to the game you got.

a) Enemy team has many magic damage.
Force of Nature (2610) is the name of the game then. Start with the Negatron Cloak(749) and then finish it. Its really a great asset and in most conditions is a must for every case but against mages Rocks. If the team has only magic damage don’t be afraid of getting 2 or even 3 FoN. The HP regen. and speed boost are always welcome on this build. Also get a Sunfire Cape (2610), can be after the 1st or 2nd FoN. If you’re making lots of chasing finish the Shurelya’s. If game is getting long enough feel free of selling Shurelya’s (or philosopher’s) and boots and get more FoN.

b) Enemy team has many physical DPS.
Get a Thornmail (2000), then a FoN (2610). Lately get the Sunfire and Shurelya’s. For even longer games you can get anything with armor, Randuin’s Omen (2925) or Frozen Heart (2775) are my choses.

c) Enemy team with balanced damage

This is the ideal scenario (most of the time means the enemies are good players and will be a fun game). I recommend start with FoN and then the Thornmail. The sunfire cape I leave it for late game because it causes the tower to aim you on a tower dive so it’s not smart until you wrecked all external towers. This is unless the game has a lot of teamfights, then the Sunfire it’s a good idea. After this finishing Shurleya’s and getting a 2nd FoN are good ideas (this FoN can be bought before Sunfire if you’re doing a lot of diving)


I’ve covered most of it on every word before, but let’s sum it up.

Early game (1-6)
This part of the game we are the lanemate assistant to kill. With enough skill you won’t get any kill at all and you’re lanemate will be fed up when reaching midgame. I strongly believe is better to have a DPS fed than a tank. Start with fling and try to get the first kill positioning early on bushes, or go and take a fling on the enemies on the bushes right onto your lanemate and leaving no harm to it.
Afterward go and make short transversal sprays of poison to weaken the minions and hopefully take some lasthits and also harass the enemies in the way. Search always for the moment to trap an enemy into your minions and lanemate.
Always take care of the squishy ally. If it’s not squisy, be more aggressive.
If you’re solo laning against 1 or even 2 start with the poison and simply resist the siege, waiting for the jungler to gank thanks to a good old fling.

Midgame (7-12)
By now you got the ultimate and lots of HP. Hopefully you also got the right protection against the enemies in your lane. We’re ready to towerdiving. Go and make your minions to reach the tower. When the tank come go and hit the insanity potion and go right in there. Remember to turn poison off or tower will focus you, this will also happen if you got the Sunfire Cape. The enemy (or enemies but if there 2 might not be a good idea to just dive) will try to damage you but you act as if they are not there (they will be pissed XD) and let your DPS friend do most of the work. If youre alone, go, hit a couple of times and retreat turning poison on. Repeat and you’ll get the tower down in no time.
When you take care of your tower go and take the hole line of towers. At this moment teamfights might have begun. You can go and tank the fight or backdoor and dive some more towers while your allies play defense.
At this moment also start the ally saving and enemy chasing. Pay attention to the minimap (ALWAYS not only with Singed nor at this moment).

Late game (13-18)
Now you’re becoming the immortal. The play will be towerdiving, chasing and tanking. Simply as that.
When your team is trying to push but hit a strong defense, go to another lane and open the path for minions and then go for the tower. This has 2 outcomes. Either none or 1 enemy comes to you, in which case you’ll still take down the tower; or you get 2 enemies to come trying to gank you, letting your team 4v3 and leaving them to push more freely. If the latter happens go and push but safely letting them know that if they leave you alone you’ll take the tower but ready to simply get away. Take a look at the minimap and ask youre teammates to inform you when to run.

Maybe the most important job for you now will be battle initiation. Hit potion and ghost and go fling their DPS into your teammates.

Finally, be always aware of backdoors. You use the teleport to scare that sneaky enemy away.


Language note: I have to say that I’m not and english speaker, so please forgive any misspells as most of my english knowledge comes from games and TV. I will soon realease an spanish translation as I wrote it directly in english.

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i like it.. As soon as i saw his abilitied, like fling, i saw a potential tank. So, i will try your way lol, now that is free to do it. And he has even more hp regen, and more basic armor than rammus at lvl 18. Just a bit,but it is more.

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I pwnz u now

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Warmog's is extreme ****. Enjoy your **** character.

The idea behind Singed - dive in a team, poison them(slow with Rylai's), fling carry to teammates, goo people that shouldn't escape and so on. You WILL die (not always, but still) in the process of netting your team 3-4 kills and aces. There is not time to farm a Warmog's by endgame - you are stuck controlling the map, teamfighting, pushing and so on.

Catalyst, Boots is the core for Singed. No one makes anything different. The setup is just amazing. Being out of the bandwagon is good, when your tactic is actually decent. Warmog's will forever be **** on 95% of the characters in this game.

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Boots of Swiftness = 1000
Banshee Veil = 2715
Force of Nature = 2175
Sunfire Cape = 2610

Depending on how well you're tanking damage at this point, You can grab a Guardian Angel = 2600 or start building toward a Triforce, which gives you even more run speed and a chance to slow on hit. With insanity on you actually hit decently hard for a tank.

Phage = 1350
Zeal = 1195

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Soylent Black

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I pwnz u now:
Warmog's is extreme ****. Enjoy your **** character.

The idea behind Singed - dive in a team, poison them(slow with Rylai's), fling carry to teammates, goo people that shouldn't escape and so on. You WILL die (not always, but still) in the process of netting your team 3-4 kills and aces. There is not time to farm a Warmog's by endgame - you are stuck controlling the map, teamfighting, pushing and so on.

Catalyst, Boots is the core for Singed. No one makes anything different. The setup is just amazing. Being out of the bandwagon is good, when your tactic is actually decent. Warmog's will forever be **** on 95% of the characters in this game.

Yeah, I wouldn't go for Warmogs that early either. But it synergizes nicely with FoN and makes Singed nigh unkillable.
Most of the time I go for a Rabadon's though.
Depends on what the team needs of course: a better Tank or more DPS.
And I always get the RoA ASAP after Boots.

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I think you will find, if you do the math, that philosopher's stone is not the best way to spend your initial 900+ gold. If you really like the regrowth pendant I would immediately make it into FoN instead. Philosopher's stone takes 30 minutes to bring in 900 gold, and Shurelya's is just not that effective with singed. Otherwise an interesting build, though not one that uses Singed's potential for wreaking havoc on the enemy very well.