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Incoming Leblanc nerfs/tweaks/changes

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Mr Koala Jr



I'm going to keep this short.

Leblanc has it coming and we all know it. As a frequent Leblanc player I think I know a simple solution.

Changes to her kit will upset a lot of players, so what if the only change to her is the removal of QR proccing itself. Following up a Q with R should not silence or apply extra damage. This keeps her kit intact, but still allows for the exact same damage output. How? Well, as it stands QRWE (standard nuke) procs the silence twice at the start and all the others do standard damage. By removing the double silence you can RW QE assuming the initial R was a copy of Q.

This change would potentially slow down her combo and enforce more accuracy. Thoughts?

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Senior Member


Red Posts Said She's Being Looked Into, I Agree She Does To Much Burst And Has Super Short CDs. Not Saying She's OP, But She's A Snowball Champ And Riot Hates Those.

::Crosses Fingers For Lee And Jax Next:::