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Plat 3v3 player LFM teammates for Season 4

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Hello my IGN: weekwe Skype: tyler.ryan.bandel
Only contact me if you meet the following criteria: Have over 150+ ranked games experience in 3v3,
Have achieved at minimum Plat+ in 3v3 ranked in Season 3 [HAVE A GOOD RECORD](A consistent win ratio 2-3 win per every lose), Impress me show me how you can play every lane or a single lane flawlessly with a diverse champion pool. Know the "in's" and the "out's" of the Twisted Treeline, don't ask me what skill to max or what to build etc. I could honestly care less as long as we win and your not our team's "handi-cap"
Other than that LF skillful players attempting to reach at least diamond as I reached plat in Season 3

PS: taking all applicants either via by posting on this forum post, adding me on skype, adding me in-game etc.
Also only add me in game and only send request in you are serious about getting wins / rating have Skype and working mic etc. (Basically don't waste my time and effort and I won't waste yours)
I'm very friendly, very dedicated, hardworking, team-oriented, and all that good jazz.
So hit me up if you wanna push for diamond summoners!