SUPPORT looking for ranked team to push out of bronze

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Losin It



I main support, I have all champions, and have been playing since a month after release. I know most adc's play styles now, and usually feed the hell out of my adc.

My fav support now is Braum hands down, I've carried so hard with him just keeping team mates alive.

Leona would be my next choice. Then Thresh, Nami, Karma, Lux, Morgana. Can support with any champ though, these are just ones I prefer.

I have about 6k games under my belt in normals on summoner's rift. I know, and can explain every ability every champion has without looking it up. Good on timing enemy cooldowns, and pretty dam good at predicting actions of enemies.

Just test me out, if I don't deliver you fed adcs most games I'll just stop playing ranks all together :P