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[Learn ****] Why I'm 1800+ and how to get here

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(Note: This post was written in January of 2011. It's kinda outdated as far as champs go. Everything else is still pretty current.)

Hi. I'm 5HITCOMBO and I'm ranked 1840~ atm. I'm in the top 500 players in this game in solo queue and I play with a lot of players who are much better than me and think I'm a scrub, which I pretty much am. I'm not better than you at playing this game--well, maybe SLIGHTLY. But the big reason that I'm 1800+ and you're stuck in 1400 isn't because I'm a better player than you. I routinely, ****ing ROUTINELY get called bad/scrub/feeder/**** by my teammates, and it's basically true. I'm terrible at this game. (I'm known to every good player as ****combo. Working as intended, I guess.)

Does that mean that you belong in my spot and I belong in yours? No.

Being "skilled" at this game isn't what separates good players from bad players. Being "skilled" at this game is what separates good players from GREAT players. League of Legends doesn't have a particularly high skill cap on most champions. The only ones that really even come to mind are like... Ezreal/Karthus/Corki/Leblanc/Shaco. Most other champions are not very hard to play. Mechanics of an 1800 player won't be far superior to those of a 1400 player.

So why are we ranked so much higher? Because we understand the game better.

Skill separates good players from great players. Understanding separates good players from bad players. Don't go spouting off about how you "understand the game" because if you're stuck at 1400 you clearly ****ing don't. I'm tired of hearing scrubs tell me that they can hang with me in games, they just can't win their solo queue games. Yesterday I had some guy be like "oh yeah 5HIT? wanna bet I can break 1400?"

No, I don't wanna bet you can break 1400. A ******ed monkey drunk on Mike's Hard Lemonade could break 1400. Breaking 1400 is about as hard as jacking off. Betting that you can break 1400 is like betting you can survive 3 days at the mother****ing Holiday Inn.

But seriously, if you can't break 1400--and don't be ashamed, I couldn't break 1400 when I was ****ing terrible at this game--it's because you don't understand the basics. Stuff that people in my Elo bracket take for granted. Don't be at the bottom lane if the enemy team isn't there past 25 minutes. They will force a 4v5 at baron. Don't bait teamfights out of position. Don't fight them when they're beating you in teamfights. If you're losing teamfights, no matter what the score or situation is, you're in danger of losing the game. Never let mid tower fall if you can help it--it provides the most map control out of all 3 of the outer towers. WARD. Don't push lanes vs good gankers. Don't let carries freefarm. Switch lanes if you're getting raped. NEVER EVER CHASE.

What are the three most important objectives in the first 15 minutes, in order?

1) take mid tower
2) get a dragon without trading more than 1 person or a tower for it
3) don't lose lanes

That's right. Dragon is more important than top lane, in my opinion. Obviously you don't just want to give it to your enemy but if you can get a dragon and come out a kill up (or better), dragon is 100% more important.

What is the role of a ranged carry/AP?

Not every team needs a ranged carry. Not every team needs AP. When people say "we need a ranged carry" or "we need AP" what they really mean is "we need to be able to win fights at towers" and "we need a large amount of burst damage". Burst damage wins fights away from towers. Ranged carries win fights at towers. There are other situations where both are useful but who cares if you're doing magic or physical damage if you're killing them. I've lost to a team of full ranged AD carries because at some point their focus fire became strong enough to burst us down outside of towers (and obviously they win fights at towers). Understand why you need a ranged carry and why you need AP.

Team comp--I notice a lot of players that think they're hot **** at this game that absolutely cannot play more than 4 champs. That's fine. I only play Cho and Warwick in ranked well. Sometimes if they pick my Warwick and we need a jungler I pick Shaco, but I pretty much suck with him.

Does that mean I can't play any other champs?

**** no! I'm BADASS at like half the lineup in relationship to these scrubs at 1200-1600. I just happen to be best at WW/Cho so I tend to play them in ranked. But if we have a jungler? If we have a top lane? I totally pick Shen. I'll play Taric. Janna, Poppy, whatever. If you already have two solos and a jungler DON'T PICK A ****ING SOLO. If you are last pick or second to last pick, face it--you're jungling or playing support/tank at bot lane. LEARN EVERY CHAMP. Know what everyone's passive is. Be comfortable picking a champ you don't even play in ranked just because it would fit well with the team. If you can't do that without feeding? Well, there's something to work on right there.

My ideal team comp looks like this: (INSANELY OUTDATED, WILL UPDATE EVENTUALLY)
Top lane: (Ideally a bit tanky) AP Burst (Sion/Aniv/Malzahar/Cho/Vlad)
Mid lane: Good ranged carry or anti-ranged carry (Ezreal/Sivir/Ashe--Pantheon)
Bot lane: Babysitter with a farm dependent hero (Janna/Morg/Taric/Alistar/Shen + Ashe/Poppy/Tristana/whoever) OR Tank/Support (Janna/Taric/Alistar/Shen/Morgana/Blitz)
Jungle: Someone who can control dragon, gank, be highly mobile and not die to counterjungling (Shaco/Warwick/Nunu/Rammus)

There's a lot more than I can cover here in one sitting, but this is what I consider to be basic-ass basic **** that everyone should know. I get mad at people when they don't know this stuff because it's such huge common sense. If you say that you understand what I and every other good player understands about this game and you're still stuck under 1400 you are either A) ****ing terrible at actually playing the game, which is unlikely or B) wrong. Seriously, if you're complaining about being stuck under 1400 you probably belong there. Either you can carry 4 idiots vs 5 idiots or you belong in low Elo. When I play against 1200-1400s, my first thought is "I'm going to ****ing crush this game." I don't think "oh, I hope my team doesn't feed" or "their comp is better than ours" because that doesn't even come into play. They don't understand the game and I will abuse that super ****ing hard to completely outplay them. If you see a team of 1200 scrubs and don't think "I'm going to ****ing crush this game 1v5" you probably don't have the high Elo mindset. Elo Hell doesn't exist, so stop whining about it to good players. It's INSULTING when a scrub that can't break 1400 says **** like "I'm just as good as you" or "I'm good enough to play with you" to us top players because basically what he's saying is that we are scrubs too.

(Not that I think I'm a "top player" or anything. I actually suck at this game, ask anyone who plays with/vs me.)

But look, straight-up--if you can't carry a game of scrubs on scrubs, you belong in low Elo. For example, this is what it looks like when I play against 1200s, and I just started learning Ezreal this week:

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Also shoutout to Solomid, I stream there sometimes and there are many much better players who stream there as well .

Here are some replies I think are worth hearing. I'll update this once in a while:

I'm so sick of hearing from high elo players that think they're there because they deserve it, because lets face it not all of them do. The uncontrollable factor of this game is the fact that you have no idea how well your team will actually work together despite what you might ask or say, and if you say you don't need them let me ask you, won many 4v5's lately? It's next to impossible, not saying I haven't done it but 4v5's are rare to win. Very rare. And if even one person on your team doesn't understand map awareness and when to be where you are 49 times out of 50 screwed. I don't care if you do 30% more damage or 90% more damage because of your skill use. Being able to do 100% more damage is just next to impossible.

Also, zileas has stated himself that only 35% of players are 1200 or above. Take that into account.

How you know you don't belong in an elo bracket is if upon losing you still do well alot of the time. And when you win it's by a lot. Guess what, I've been stuck at that juncture for months now. The fact is each elo bracket has it's own mentality and I have seen smurfs that rage in all time and again be defeated by my team simply because they don't get that. And guess what else, I pwn them. Time and again. When I get in 1700's matches, I do things like go 10/3/17 on amumu. Yet I have never hit 1700 myself. The game is random.

Case in point. You think you're exactly the same skill level as me. You're basically calling me a scrub.

Look, here's another thing you don't understand: YOU HAVE TO CARRY YOUR TEAM IN LOW ELO. Carrying isn't getting a bunch of kills, although that tends to happen if you do it right. Carrying is dictating when and where the teamfights happen. All I hear you referencing is how well you can kill people and like I said, that doesn't count for ****. Obviously there are some players who will be stuck in lower Elo than they should be and a few that got carried higher than they deserve but those people are MINOR PERCENTAGES of the players in this game. They are outliers. 99.99% of the players in this game are in the Elo bracket they deserve to be in.

Also your attitude sucks, if I played a game with you I'd probably /mute you.


2/5 of your games are going to be lost by your team at EVERY ELO. It's up to you to make sure the other 3/5 aren't lost because of you. If you can do that you'll rise very easily in Elo and I swear to you this is only EASIER at your Elo.

I mean, really, whose games do you think are harder to win, mine or yours? I've queued against teams that I have NO CHANCE against. You think you have a hard time? Try seeing Roku/Xpecial/TreeEskimo/mandatorycloud/TheOddOne as the enemy team on the load screen. Worse, your captain gave them first pick Pantheon.

Like, seriously? You think YOUR GAMES are hard?

you are an *******. Get over yourself and the same goes for all your high elo friends who think they did something to get there. you say 2/5 as if thats anything like it really is. How about 4/5? Have you addressed how someone actually gets their team to be competent? Last game I had feeders AND an afk + the other team had eve. Almost every game since yesterday has been like that. What is your solution for that?

I also notice you don't play many ranked games at all. How is your elo going to drop back to where it really should be (if it should be lower or higher) if you don't play ranked games as much as would be needed to be in your right elo?

I have about 200 games in solo queue. I won about 55-60% of them. I play a lot of normals because I'm starting to get to the point where I have to train harder to rise any more. The players I game with and against in my normals are HIGHER RANKED than the players I'd play against in solo queue so I use it to train. I assume the thought of "getting better at this game" has never crossed your mind because you're clearly the best player in the world at this game who understands everything about the game.

Last night I learned something about this game by playing a game with Roku/Jougonaut/Atlanta/Doublelift/me. We were doing fine in game, winning it the whole way, but they were ****ting all over me in their vent conversation, which I totally expect because they're much better players than me. I was convinced that taking an inhibitor with baron was 100% necessary but everyone in the game was like NO when I pinged it. Instead we went for bottom lane.

I asked Roku after the game "hey, quick question--why did we go for bottom lane instead of mid inhib" and he said to me "more global exp". I didn't take into account the levels we were. All of us were around level 13 and even though we had baron they'd probably kill 3-4 of us even if we did manage to ace them at their mid inhib. Instead we forced a fight at their bottom lane's outermost tower, dove them with no problem, aced them and took their bottom lane's two outer towers. That was a bigger impact on the game than taking their inhibitor would have been, and I had no idea, but everyone else was 100% aware of the fact.

I mean, look, there are only two possible reasons that I'm higher than you given the amount of games we've both played.

A) I'm ****ing amazing at this game and you are ****ing terrible--UNLIKELY
B) I understand the game better even though our skill levels are about the same--EXTREMELY PLAUSIBLE
You got to 1711 elo playing one champ? and that champ was singed??? So I guess it's a bad thing that I am able to play all the champs and I should just find one and play it no matter what...

what???? Describe how your games normally went. were the feeders/afkers always on the other team? How did you carry your bad carries as singed?

Azix, I'm going to tell you this RIGHT NOW and hope you take it to heart because it's true. There is only ONE REASON to be mad.

u mad u bad

Seriously, I tell myself this whenever I'm mad about anything. I'm mad a teammate fed? I'm bad because I didn't carry them. I'm mad because I couldn't get my team to go to baron? Maybe I didn't make it perfectly clear that it was the best thing they could do.

You have this tendency to think everyone is a ****ing idiot, which they are not. You're just really bad at convincing people to do things. The best way to convince people to do things is to let them figure it out for themselves by placing all the evidence in front of them. If you ward the map well and end up acing them late in the game when baron is up, you can usually convince your team to baron with a well-placed ping. If you can't, you haven't made it obvious enough that it's the correct thing to do, OR MAYBE IT'S NOT. I go by the veto system in my games regardless of who I'm playing with. I will attempt to call the shots and if everyone agrees with me we go and do it, but if two or more people disagree I immediately let them make the decision for me. Having two people fight for dominance on a team is dumb and is worse than doing the wrong thing. If you have the whole team doing one thing, even if it's dumb, it's better than half the team doing the right thing and half the team doing the dumb thing BECAUSE AT LEAST YOU CAN WIN THE FIGHTS.

I expect you know this already though, and I'm looking for your thread on "Why I'm 1200 and how to get here".

You are telling people to do things that are completely out of their control.

Don't lose lanes? I cannot hold every lane at once, my crappy allies is losing the lane.

Get dragon? The perfect time has come but your team won't come and help.

Team comp? I cannot control my team picking 4 ranged carries.

Quit making ******ed posts like this please.

You have a case of ***** mentality. Stop thinking like a *****.

While everything OP says is true, he has still added evidence to the fact that ELO isn't correlated to skill at all.

I did NOT say that. I said what separates good players from bad players is basic game sense. Skill is a HUGE FACTOR when you get to 1800+.


@5hit: An off-topic question since I never seem to be able to talk to you elsewhere. You always say how you main Cho, but I've never seen you play him. You say he should be built either CDR or AP-hybrid(and not traditional tank). How do you feel about straight-AP Cho, and what is your setup for him(generally)?

I play straight AP Cho when there is a reason to, like a squishy on the other team that NEEDS to be instagibbed. If I do that I usually go something like

doran's ring + hp pot
sorc boots
Rylais/finish Banshees/Void Staff depending
situational defensive items (GA/Thornmail/Sunfire/FoN)

This is a build for a team with saaaay an evelyn who you absolutely have to kill before she gets her ult-passive off. It's also good if you don't have a nuker but already have a true tank like Alistar/Shen and a few other offtanks like Blitz. It's VERY situational but I do use it in some games. The most important thing about any build is knowing why you're doing it and how to be flexible with it.

Usually I'm just straight messing around with mad AP cho because I wanna have fun and do **** like sorc -> double deathcap though lol.

(See picture lol)
i forget that ive played at 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 ratings

while im not the OP, i understand this more than all of you ever will simply because i have played at all rating levels and can tell you that everyone who is "stuck" at an elo simply have ego problems and cant accept that they belong where they are at (please remember that rating can and should fluctuate 100-150 rating for most people)

for what its worth i can single handedly carry most games, 4v5, while going AP rammus, AD soraka, AP tryndamere, AD alistar, *INSERT TROLL BUILD HERE* for games under 1200 rating-this is fact and has been streamed by cleveradvisor. if i were to tryhard and play a real carry i dont see how i could lose. some food for thought to those sub 1200 and think they have it rough LoL

PREACH brother

Also +1 for being rolled by his AD alistar that didn't do anything but suicide-attack towers until he won against us.
if u drop me or chau or any other 2k+ elo to any elo we'll shoot right back up to around 1800 with about 80 to 90 % winrate,once u get around 200 elo range of ur "true" elo u start slowing down to a 60 to 70 % winrate until u flatline at 50% winrate and thus achieved ur "true" elo

say you go down -50 wins(cause -100 is ****ing extreme,thats ****ing 1000 elo at 10 elo per loss) in over the course of 2 months,which can happen because of 2 main reasons,
1.u stop tryharding
playing drunk,playing "fun" champs,basically not giving ur 100%
2.u got lucky and got carried to an elo u dont belong

if the cause of ur drop was #2 than kindly drop down to ur "true" elo
if the cause of ur drop was #1 than it shouldn't take u as long to go back up,since ur 500 elo below ur "true" elo u should be able to easily maintain 80 to 90 % winrate till u close in on ur "true" elo

so his point is not valid,its just an excuse for being bad

also if ur talking about a new player that just started ranked whos "true" elo is below 1200 and dropped to somewhere below 1200,and is struggling to break out of that elo......GUESS WHAT
its not because of elo hell
its not because of the brazillians
its not because of ur teammates
its because ur close to or at ur "true" elo
stop blaming stuff beyond ur control
if u can't accept the fact ur bad,u just make it a million times harder for urself to get any better

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Real talk.

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Good advice. Everytime i see your name I say ****combo in my head though.

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Don't be at the bottom lane if the enemy team isn't there past 25 minutes. They will force a 4v5 at baron

Seems so familiar...

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Fizz Khalifa

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I really liked this post, and I don't generally like posts of this nature. Tons of really solid advice.

Too bad the 5hit-heads (lolgetit) who read this and are too stubborn to admit that they aren't actually god's gift to LoL are downvoting you.

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Nice read. I already knew most of this but I'm a scrub that sucks at actually playing the game so i am at 1200s.

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Errr, I've heard that breaking 1400 puts you in the top 10-15% of players in the game, believe it or not (like, around 60% of people are below 1200). It works this way due to the combination of Elo Decay, and the fact that losing hurts more than winning helps. Some people below 1000 still ban Master Yi, so it gets pretty bad down there.

On a serious note, thank you for posting this. As a player who's on a pretty bad losing streak, it looks fairly helpful.